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Who are hackers?


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Nov 26, 2020
Perhaps too many people use this word, namely HACKER, without knowing its meaning.
And only a few people understand the true meaning of the word and can rightfully be called a Hacker.
The point of this article is to explain to you who hackers are and how you can become one of them.
This word came at the end of the 20th century.

1) Who are these people?

I don't take the stereotypical answer that you know without me.


The point is different.
These are those who are able to spend all night being passionate about one task, those who can look deeper than ordinary people, those who are not subject to stereotypes and see the whole picture.

-- Perseverance
-- A hacker's view of things
-- Creative thinking
-- Knowledge in one or more areas
-- Understanding of this article

You may not always be able to determine this immediately. It's quite possible that this guy staring at the glass with a stupid expression on his face is a hacker, or this woman who sits in contact and types stupid emoticons in response to each message.

And then he comes home and cards. And she sits on onion and writes anonymous messages from her dark self. Along the way, doing online earnings.

You just can't find out who this person is from the outside. However, it is usually not difficult for a hacker to understand someone in a short time. The majority of people are very stereotypical, all carbon copy and not ready to change. Most people obey the rules of this game, society. The hacker is usually either out of this circle, or shares his own identity and is able to circumvent some of the restrictions just by thinking properly with his head.

2) How do I become a hacker?

You must give up the desire to quickly go through this path. To become a hacker, you need to completely change your mindset. Often we read posts from newbies on the forum about how they want to hack something or make money quickly. But this is subject only to a real hacker, which they are not.

Just these posts of theirs talk about it. The hacker does not ask questions, does not mean at all, but specifically does not wait for someone to do something for him. The hacker searches for the solution himself. For him, the Internet is an earthly paradise. Free access to information now makes it possible to fully access almost any knowledge and absorb it like a sponge.

It doesn't matter if you are a schoolboy or an old man. It doesn't matter if you think something is too complicated. This is far from the case. There is nothing complicated. There is simply a task that takes a longer time to understand. It is enough to decompose the essence of the problem into sub-parts. If it's too difficult , we'll split it up again, and so on. Roughly speaking, if you don't know how to Google - Google how to do it correctly.

When you begin to get closer to understanding who hackers are and gradually become one yourself, it will no longer be an end in itself. Hackers enjoy solving problems, finding workarounds, and understanding the essence of the process

Still not experiencing this? Sorry..

Perhaps only for now, perhaps after reading this article you will think and make the right decisions.

3) The fisherman of the fisherman.

When you achieve some results , you will be surprised to discover that these people are everywhere. By the burning eyes, phrases, intonation and actions of people, you will begin to see your own. Just do not tell them - "Hi, I'm a hacker, you too, right?)))" Then feel free to go to the beginning of the article..

Hackers don't usually need company, as I said before. But in part, they form a new society. A society of individuals, which is the easiest place for you to find on the Internet. The society of those who do not depend on others, is equal and has its own principles and values. On this forum, yes this is available. It's all about who you are in it. The more people who understand the meaning of this text, the stronger we will become as a whole.
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