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    Carding Tutorial [Part 1]

    Carding is an art. It's basically ordering items from the Net (cellphones , laptops, PDA's , TV's ,......) without actually paying for it or at least not paying with your own money Now you'll all be wondering how we do this stuff. Well , most sites accept credit cards as a payment form . These...
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    Carding Tutorial [Part 4]

    In this tutorial , i will teach you the terms “carding” , “scamming” , “cvv2? etc. I’ll also tell some tricks for sites such as ebay.com , ebay.co.uk , actually just ebay let’s start with explaining the term “CARDING” Chapter 1 : Introduction and Tips. Carding , or scamming as other people would...
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    Carding Tutorial [Part 7]

    LEGAL TIDBITS ================================================== This FAQ is intended for educational PURPOSES ONLY. If youre a federalle and youre reading this, you better be educating yourself or I've got a big lawsuit against the United States Govnt.... I'll settle for a "get out of jail...
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    Hacking windows using MS12-037 Internet Explorer Same ID Vulnerability

    Hi, Today i am going to explain how to hack the Windows system using the recent IE exploit. This article is intend to educate PenTesters. If you don’t know what Penetration testing means, then please reads this article. Also please read the previous articles on Pen Testing. MS12-037...
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    List of Best sites to learn Malware Analysis

    are you interested to learn Malware analysis and searching for the best resources?! Ok , i will give the list of sites where you can learn the malware analysis. Resources for learning Malware Analysis Malware Analysis Tutorials: a Reverse Engineering Approach A series of Malware analysis...
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    BTS PenTesting Lab – a vulnerable web application to learn common vulnerabilities

    The most common question from students who is learning website hacking techniques is “how to test my skills legally without getting into troubles?”. So, i always suggest them to use some vulnerable web application such as DVWA. However, i felt dvwa is not suitable for new and advanced...
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    How to Hack Facebook Account Using Phising webPage

    Everyone eager to hack the facebook account of others. Here is the simplest method using phishing webpage ,you can hack the facebook account of your friends . Phishing WebPage: Creating webpage which look like any site is described as Phishing. By creating Phishing WebPage, you can make...
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    How To Hack Gmail Account Password In Minutes And Its Prevention

    Hacking Gmail or Google is the second most searched account hacking. Hacking into a Google account gives access not only to Gmail but also to their prominent counterparts such as Android (since one can control a android device using Google account), YouTube, Drive, Hangouts, etc. People think...
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    Botnet And Its Danger

    A botnet is a common problem on the Internet and its security; it is a network of computers, sometimes servers that, through vulnerabilities in software or the usual nonsense of users, are infected with viruses and trojans designed to “zombie” your PC (usually because they are controlled via...
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    2 Cardable Jewelry Sites, Shipped

    1: https://www.carolazeta.com/pages/designers 2: https://westbankapparel.com/ Method: Bill = Ship Ip = Your
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    How to Create Con Folder in windows using Cmd?|Computer Tricks

    we all know that can’t create con folder in windows. Read this article to know why is it not possible to create con folder? Here is simple trick to create con folder in windows using Command Prompt. Step 1: Open Command Prompt(Start->run->cmd) Step 2: Type this command: md \.d:con This will...
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    Write Review about BTS-Get Backlink from page rank 7,4,3

    Hi BTS(Break The Security) readers, Today i have planned to introduce a new offer for my visitors and budding web masters,bloggers. You may curious to know what it is. If you write review about BTS ,then you will get backlink from our website. Your link will be placed in this page BTS...
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    How to Crack MD5 Using Cain and abel tools-Brute Force Attack

    Hi Hackers, hope you like the tutorials from BTS(Break The Security). Last time i have introduced a cain&abel cracking tool(read for more details “Introduction to Cain and Abel cracking tool“). Now i am going to explain how to use the cain and abel tools for cracking MD5 passwords(Using Brute...
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    What is the Difference between Brute Force vs Dictionary Attack

    In my previous posts i have explained what is brute force and dictionary attack. Please before reading this article, read the following article: Dictionary Attack cracking Hash code What is Brute Force Cracking Attack? if you understand the clearly what is brute force and dictionary...
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    How to Write files to CD/DVD without any Software?

    Windows xp itself provide you this feature to write files to cd. Step 1: Insert your empty CD in CD drive. Step 2: Copy the file that you want to write to CD. Step 3: Open My Computer. Open the CD directory. Step 4: Paste the file inside the CD Step 5: On the Left panel , you can see...
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    WESTERN UNION ACCOUNT CASHOUT GUIDE AND METHOD 2022 A lot of guys have contacted us just to ask us the question time and time again “if Western Union is still cardable using phished accounts?” After receiving many contacts our content team has decided to help you guy by shedding some light on...
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    Carding Tutorial Latest update Must Read You Should Be A Pro Carder 2022

    Carding is not something easy I must confess, you really need to devote your time to get success, So If you follow this tutorial carefully, I guarantee you that within a week of real practising, you should be a pro carder. What is Carding? Carding is a term described as a trick whereby products...
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    Password Cracker Open Source Software Created by BreakTheSecurity

    Hi Break The Security’s Hackers, i have created Password Cracking Tool. I have released it as open source software in sourceforge.net. This tool uses Dictionary Attack method to crack the MD5, SHA-1,MD4,SHA-128,256,512 hash codes. Now it is simple and basic tool. In future it will become more...
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    How to make Virus/spyware Undetectable by all antivirus?

    Usually if you create malicous programs(virus,spyware…), the antivirus will detect easily. It will scan the source code. if it finds the malicious source codes, then it will alert as “virus”. To know more details about antiviru program read this article: How does Anti Virus detects viruses I...
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    How to Create Wedding invitation in Microsoft word 2007? | Computer Tips

    Create any type of invitaion cards using microsoft word templates. Microsoft office provides some good templates for you. Get invitation templates from here. http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/templates/CT010104323.aspx I got this template from there only.
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