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real carding forum

  1. RedX

    Detailed guide to carding PayPal in 2024

    Start 1. The gist We will hack PayPal accounts to properly work them out . You can get accounts for testing as you want . You can take a stiller from your traffic or buy it yourself . It is extremely important not to buy the akki themselves, because no one will sell good material for testing ...
  2. RedX

    Carding Basics 2024

    Content: Chapter 1. Why carding? Chapter 2. Laws and responsibilities Chapter 3. Where to start? Chapter 4. Security Chapter 5. Configuring the system Chapter 6. The Anatomy of Cards. Chapter 7. Test drives Chapter 8. Real Drive-ins Chapter 9. Conclusion Chapter 1. Why carding? Here we have to...
  3. RedX

    Free Dumps+pin

    %B5089440026554239^CORP INSTANT CARD /^2205620175A00000000000000000000 TRACK2:;5089440026554239=2205620175000000000 Pin1977 %B4375512761038002^TUSHAR ROUL ^24112261781900942000000? ;4375512761038002=2411226000942? pin 4321 B4833120121231022^SANDERS/DONALD...
  4. RedX


    PersonIDNumber,FirstName,MiddleInitial,LastName,AccountNumber,Gender,Address1,City,State,Zip,HomePhone,EmdeonPersonID,SSN,DOB 🆓23181,Glynnis,,Ramos,11717,F,2626 Little Hill Apt310,OVIEDO,FL,32765,4076775620,,597163746,1980-02-24 00:00:00.000 🆓45481,Alexis,,Rodriguez,26007,F,2568 Abbey...
  5. RedX

    Indian Platinum Debit Card

    here you go bypass 3ds and enjoy!
  6. RedX


    Card Brand: VISA Card Type & Level : CREDIT CLASSIC Bank name: GREENVILLE HERITAGE F.C.U. Card number: 4217834046920438 Balance: $ 1 600 Cardholder name: Kerra Spicer DOB: 08/07/1984 Country, Address, ZIP: USA, 206 N Mead St, Cameron, MO 64429 Phone number: +18167241089 Email address...
  7. RedX

    live free cc visa credit card

    4147180287261479|08|27|871|Chon Enoch|34184 County Line Road spc63 |Yucaipa|CA|92399|US|9519990191|[email protected]|2603:8001:bf01:ff78:98c1:1dc3:6c1b:a049 414718 CREDIT CLASSIC VISA WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A. US 4419200949703980|08|25|510|Abayomi|3828 N Portersville Rd Lot...
  8. RedX

    Chinese PlugX malware lurks in your USB devices

    Unit42 Palo Alto Network has discovered a new version of PlugX, which is able to infect and spread via USB devices, replacing ANDROMEDA and Raspberry Robin. Malicious files are hidden using a new technique that works even in the latest Windows OS. The user will not know that their USB device is...
  9. RedX

    Experts showed the results of brute-forcing passwords encrypted with Bcrypt

    Hive Systems has conducted another study on brute-force password cracking. This time, experts focused on the Bcrypt algorithm. Hive Systems, which specializes in cybersecurity, has been testing password cracking using brute-force attacks for several years. All this time, the object of research...
  10. RedX

    The police officer who extorted a bribe from the "red admin" of WEX is put on the wanted list

    Colonel Zakharchenko's record broken in absentia Ex-colleagues of an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are being sought for a bribe of 5 billion rubles As it became known to Kommersant, the record for the amount of bribes set in the Ministry of Internal Affairs by ex-Colonel Dmitry...
  11. RedX

    Dev Popper: Hackers lure naive programmers looking for work into their networks

    Think twice before completing a test task for the job you like. Researchers have discovered a hacking campaign called Dev Popper aimed at software developers. Attackers disguise themselves as employers and send out fictitious vacancies for IT specialists. Their real goal is to introduce a...
  12. RedX

    Security or another trap? You can't trust anyone in dating apps.

    How romantic scammers play on the fears of lonely hearts. Cybercrime groups have found a new way to deceive people using dating sites and apps. Attackers play on users 'fears of the dangers of online dating and convince them to pass fake "verification" through special applications. This allows...
  13. RedX

    A drop truck driver was detained in Brest region

    Employees of the Department for Combating Cybercrime of the Brest region detained a 20-year-old resident of Ivatsevichi. The young man offered his friends to apply for bank cards for a fee, the data of which was then sent to an anonymous customer from the Internet. It is established that for a...
  14. RedX

    Kazakhstan launches investigation into Eolus cryptocurrency pyramid scheme

    Kazakhstan's law enforcement agencies have opened criminal cases against the heads of structural divisions of the Eolus pyramid scheme in 10 regions of the country. This is reported by the local Financial Monitoring Agency. According to the investigation, the company attracted clients under the...
  15. RedX

    Sold nonexistent goods: in Dnepropetrovsk region declared suspicion to four members of an organized criminal group

    The attackers created a fake online store that sold mobile phones and computers. Receiving a subscription for the product, the suspects interrupted communication with customers. 25 people, including military personnel, suffered from illegal actions of fraudsters. The total amount of losses is...
  16. RedX

    Brest Region Prosecutor's Office: a criminal case against a member of a criminal scam group has been sent to court

    The Brest Regional Prosecutor's Office has filed a criminal case against a resident of Minsk, born in 2004, who is charged with embezzlement of property by modifying computer information as part of an organized group. According to the case file, the accused no later than April 2022 joined a...
  17. RedX

    In Novosibirsk, law enforcement officers detained four remote fraudsters

    Employees of the Department for Organizing the fight against the illegal use of information and Communication Technologies of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Novosibirsk region, with the strong support of fighters of the regional Department of Regardie...
  18. RedX

    Those accused of embezzling more than 209 million rubles received from depositors of the Finiko Internet project will appear in court

    "The investigator of the Department for Investigation of Organized Criminal Activities of the Investigative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia has completed a preliminary investigation of the criminal case against ten defendants. Depending on their role and degree of...
  19. RedX

    FROZEN # SHADOW: Cold-blooded hackers covertly attack companies around the world

    The SSLoad malware has become one of the main tools in the arsenal of cybercriminals. Cybersecurity researchers have identified an ongoing cyberattack campaign that uses phishing emails to spread malicious software called SSLoad. The campaign is codenamed FROZEN # SHADOW and includes the use of...
  20. RedX

    Billions under the hood: keyboard developers spy on Android users around the world

    Vulnerabilities in popular smartphone keyboards allow you to see what the user is typing. Citizen Lab identified vulnerabilities in popular keyboard applications that can be used to register keystrokes of Chinese users around the world. Security issues are present in almost all apps, including...
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