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What is a VPN and TOR? Security and anonymity on the web for beginners.


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Nov 26, 2020
More and more people are using VPNs. This is often due to the blocking of sites on the territory of the country. But many people also believe that a VPN provides complete anonymity. This is an erroneous opinion and today we will analyze why. Articles will deliberately be published small, so that the information is better absorbed. In the comments section below this article and a future article, ask questions only related to its topic.
A VPN was never designed for anonymity. Anonymity and security, although from the same sphere, are not the same thing. A VPN is designed to create an encrypted client-server channel. At the moment, there is only one secure VPN technology-OpenVPN TLS version 1.2 All the others are hacked.

Any VPN, like any other network resource, always consists of 3 parts:
1. Hardware version. Physical or virtual server, in other words-a machine
2. Software version. VPN technology
3. Network. The IP address that we can use to find an IP address on the Internet.

As for the IP address and logging. Absolutely don't care if your VPN logs if this VPN is yours.
All IP addresses that are any VPN dealers, hosting - they are all only the property of the provider, all other entities-they are leased.
No provider will ever disable logs. First, he will not receive a license to conduct telecommunications activities. Secondly, logging is an excellent tool for diagnosing network problems, detecting network attacks, and generally monitoring the entire network as a whole.
Accordingly, we remember the following - always, even if you disable them on the VPN server, the logs will be kept by the provider.

What is the fundamental difference between a public VPN server and a private one?
The provider can see the connection of the IP address, port, and protocol used for communication in the logs. That's all, he can't see anything else.
On the VPN server itself, as on the subject of information transfer, it is possible to enable the traffic interception system. In other words, any attacker can open a VPN service and sniff (intercept) traffic. And this gives you the right to intercept wallets, correspondence, mail, completely everything. Except protected with SSL or TLS encryption.
On your personal server, we can protect ourselves from this by ensuring that you create it yourself and you know what is inside it.
As a result, the resource from which we have full access, the so-called root access, will be safe.
And so, let's talk about the deployment of servers.

There is an opinion that you can take a VPN in Panama, Qatar and everything will be fine.
This is only partly true. Why? Because official requests can achieve everything.
Let's look at how the special services work with the same Panama. Panama never gives out any data to anyone, BUT except for the US special services :)
Accordingly, the special services of the Russian Federation send a request to Interpol, indicate the IP address and indicate involvement in terrorism. Interpol transmits this request to the US special services, and they, respectively, to Panama. And in the same way, the answer goes back.

The same scheme works with Qatar, except that they send a request to Saudi Arabia.
In any case, they'll find us if they want to.
But we're not hiding from the security services, are we? :)
We only consider the special services as a reference in deanonymization.

Let's move on to the next story that all our special services are stupid. This is not true. Yes, no one will sit and look for you for such a salary. Therefore, there are people either recruited, who were taken by the ass and they will try to attack us, or just extras.
The most important merit of the special services is their administrative resource and influence. That's all, there's nothing else.
Accordingly, how to describe in the book exactly how to be our hero, who needs to hide, purely based on our fantastic delusions and solely for writing purposes, because we write fairy tales? This is TOR.

VPN means security, TOR means anonymity.
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