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Several Cashouts To BTC


Staff member
Nov 26, 2020
*Introductory Methods*
Now that I mentioned buymebitcoin.co.uk, I have to add that they're completely retarded, and I joke not! I am still
squeezing out BTC from them using Fake Utility scans (which can be easily found on the internet) confirming the
address of the CC (which cannot be attached to PP) owner. That's all. They promise to have, and I quote, "Over
25BTC in stock, daily". To me, that's just inviting to a good fuck Big Grin.
************** I'm going to introduce an array of methods to cashout using either PayPal, CCs or both, some of
which require you to do more work than others, but the payout will be beautiful. I won't even mention that your
security needs to be tight to hide your ass every step of the way, so VPN & Socks5 needed. **Method one**
- PayPal account (Verified is better, these can be bought or created yourself)
- PayPal transfers from users such as GH0ST0WL (on Evo) OR CCs to send funds to yourself (this option ishotter,
but viable)
There are a lot of sites which require PayPal payments for x amount of some eCurrency, i.e. egoPay, WebMoneyz
or UKash, but it takes a while to process if you directly use a CC to buy it. However, what I found, is that using
hacked funds in which a chargeback concurs after, say, a week, these eCurrencies can be bought flawlessly, all the
while without alerting the site owners of fraudalent activities. There are a few ways to get these funds; either pay for
a service which does so, or use PayPal's 'xclick/business' function to card some funds for a few hours, which, I
believe, is enough time for those sites which claim 'Delivery within 3 hours'. The way this PayPal function works is
as follows:
So, you specify your PayPal email address, your amount, and name a fake item in which the CC (which MUST NOT
already be attached to a PayPal) owner is buying, and then you should have the funds, though, this sometimes fails
to work depending on a varied number of factors. There are other ways to do this,
i.e. setting up a http://www.payhip.com account, listing a random PDF for sale, and paying yourself using CCs to
your PayPal.
Once you have the moniez, you should be good to go. At this stage, I'd use my Google skills to look for sites which
accept PayPal and offer to deliver near instantly. I guess the straight PayPal to BTC site is this:
http://www.thebitcoinshop.info, but they require you to be verified for larger amounts.
However, sometimes sites like these do not always guarantee Bitcoins to your wallet. So, you're gonna have to be
intuitive and look for other eCurrencies which can be bought using your hacked funds; either near instantly if the CC
was used, or within a few days, if a hacked PayPal transfer was used. For the purposes of the method, I had chose
to acquire UKash vouchers, as these can be cashed out to BTC and even to a Bank account, if you find the right
exchange service.
So what is UKash? You have to do your homework on these eCurrencies to figure out the core mechanism on how
they work. A quick Wikipedia skim tells me:
Ukash is an electronic money system regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, that allows users to exchange
their cash for a secure code. The code is then used to make payments online, to load cards or e-wallets or for
money transfer. Codes are available from participating retail locations, kiosks, ATMs and online.Ukash users are
given a unique 19-digit code representing their prepaid money; this is entered when making a transfer, payment or
purchase online. (Wikipedia) To find sites who sell UKash vouchers via PayPal without running a tight ship, can be
hard. These sites which offer this, however, can be found with a quick search on your favourite search engine;
Google. Sites which offer credit/debit card payments through PayPal are GOLDEN, but you always have to assume
that these sites have previously been victims of fraudalent activites, and so using hacked PayPals should suffice.
When searching, I'd use keywords such as: PayPal, Ukash, Instant delivery and change the search filters so that it
shows sites that are less than a month old. Here's what I obtained in about 20 minutes work:http://xboxliveuk76.com http://cardscodes.com http://vougift.com http://www.allcdkey.com
http://www.vouchersolutions.tk http://zonalmarket.com/EWallet/acco...almarket.com/E-Wallet/pages/buyukashbtcpm.php
http://instantselling.biz http://www.ukashkartal.com
All of these sites use PayPal as a means of paying for their (really fucking overpriced) UKash vouchers, and offer a
near instant delivery (< 3 hours) . I would STRONGLY advise you to stay below £150 (3x£50 UKash) per PayPal
account in order to receive the code(s). I've tried to directly use a CC to buy, but they'd always end up refunding me,
for reasons unknown, and sometimes, they'd do the same for paying with PayPal (just a heads up). Since the
chargeback only occurs after a few hours, you should, in theory, receive your code(s). Hereon, everything becomes
so much easier, as any old site would accept UKash to exchange for BTC or other currencies. There's even a site
which pays you straight to your bank for a relatively small fee. If you're at this point, scratching your head, I'm going
to make it easy for you just this once:
http://www.bitcoin-services.co.uk/ukash-to-bitcoin.php <-- This site offers the best price for UKash vouchers as one
£50 can get you about 0.17
BTC This also applies for other eCurrencies, such as PerfectMoney or egoPay USD, etc. So, again, I'm going to
search for a site which sells Perfect Money vouchers and promises near instant deliver with PayPal as their
payment processer; http://www.perfectevoucher.com is a site which offers this. They have a varied amount that you
can buy, but that all depends on the funds that you have in your PayPal. Now, once I have the code for the voucher,
I can proceed to sell it for BTC, and there are many exchange sites which offer this; again, here's one, pm2btc.me.
I want to further emphasise that eCurrency vouchers > BTC is the way to go these days, and would like to place a
few inspiring sites for you to 'look' at: - - - http://www.evoucher-world.com
- - - http://24hexchange.net/buy.html
- - - http://bestemoneys.com/e-currency-exchange_1.html
- - - http://www.mamooti.com
- - - http://www.interkassa.com/index.php
A golden forum: - http://www.dreamteammoney.com/index.php?showforum=24
- https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?board=53.0
So, all in all, using what you know in par with what you have can result in a great reward, and in this case, it's the
reward of some sort of eCurrency, in which you can use to cashout to BTC. This is only touching the surface,
however, and the rest is up to you.
**Method Two**
Requirements - Burner phone: this can be bought cheap online or, in the UK, bought from Tesco - SIM cards: has to
be from a crappy provider (In the UK, Tesco Mobile/O2, or Lebara) - CCs to top up the SIM cards I, some time ago,
noticed Blockchain's SMS deposit, and thought, "Can I card the shit out of this?" and so, I pursued to do so
(Blockchain had removed this feature). I bought a burner phone for a method that I previously bought, and bulk O2
SIM cards off Craigslist, and, eventually, SMS to Bitcoin or any other cashout method then seemed viable. So you
have a burner phone, you have a SIM, and you have a CC, what can you do with it? Well the obvious thing is to call
up the automated service and top up the phone using your CC information. Try to buy CCs from the country in
which the SIM was issued, i.e. UK SIMS => UK CCs. Always aim for the Maximum amount the SIM can be topped
up, but be considerate, as over 3 or so fraudalent top ups can cause the SIM to be eventually blocked. You can
always buy top up vouchers from http://phonepal.co.uk using CCs which are not attached to a PayPal card, but I'd
buy only one.
Now, you should have a topped up SIM, you can go ahead and buy BTC from Blockchain or
http://bitcoinsinstant.info, and specify your wallet address, et voila, you should have a slow, but stable way to get
BTC. This is only one way to make use of this, I'd imagine you to be a bit more creative Big Grin
If you can card 250 EUROS onto a SIM, try ahead and use http://www.ukashkartal.com Mobile Payment
**A Notice**The fundamental teaching I want you to take away from here is pretty much to be innovative; there is money to
make in everything; this is just an insight to the whole carding scene. I mean, I could tell you to create a domain
(http://www.domains4bitcoins.com), create several fake pages, have several fake policies all advertising on how you
would offer the best price for BTC via a SMS payment, and then advertise it on Exchange forums, but I won't dwell
into that now Tongue. Anyways, I think my work here is done. Hopefully, this will be the last guide you purchase,
because you've wisened up.

Good luck, and stay safe. Nothing is true. Everything is permitted
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