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Secret for vbv and online transfert for French bank


Staff member
Nov 26, 2020
Hi I write for each bank all info you need for do online bank transfer and all info about 3d secure (vbv)
If you have a zeus or spyeye botnet with lots of french logs and you can't do anything read
Introduction : French bank are very secure, maybe more than a lot of usa bank
You need to have a phone (french or not) for do online transfert or vbv (skype number works good)
Find bin of cvv (6 first number) and look the bank
Bank : Societe Generale (very use in france)
Security : High 3d secure for pay with a cc in vbv website. The
bank send 2 possibility of ask :
1st is the most easy, if the owner of the card have not enter phone number and for certain website
with an old vbv sytem. They ask only the DOB
2nd most use, need a code received in the phone of the user (can't be card)
or you need add a phone number (owner not have activate 3d secure)
You need call the phone number for foreign land if you are not in france and answer for these question
DOB & DEPT OF BIRTH & 8-digit customer code on a rib & Your phone you want to use
Online transfer (in France for other country you need just add rib and print the paper for send in
societe general agency)
If the owner not have register his phone you can do online transfer, you just need
A phone number of foreign country or france
8-digit customer code on a rib & DOB & DEPT OF BIRTH
wait 3-5days
(this is same security than 3d secure)
for conclusion, you need a webinject or a phishing page with :
8-digit customer code on a rib

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