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Proffessional Carding Tips


Staff member
Nov 26, 2020
Proffessional Carding Tips
Use socks5 ( dont use socks4 or http proxies as they might leak DNS info) which match the cardholder's billing
If your CC is from UK, try to use a UK drop and so on for other countries
If the gift option is there, put it so it looks like you are shipping a gift to some friend, girlfriend etc.
Try to make orders before holidays like valentines etc. Now this is an old trick but it works for 2 reasons. The shops
get many orders these days, so they can pass your fraud one as legitimate too. And it looks like you are sending a
legit gift
For your security, use cracked/open wifi + changed MAC, VPN in some offshore country + 2-3 socks in a virtual
machine. I suggest VMWare and do download a ready made image so just open it. Try to create a proxy chain for
your own security, with the last external IP being the one to match cardholders address.
Use Firefox in private mode with extensions. Find some security related extensions which dont track your links,
clear cookies, LSO & flash cookies, etc. Be creative and explore.
Dont use gmail/hotmail/yahoo when ordering ! Use @some hipster email provider, one which is not really used by a
lot of people. It makes it look legit. ISP emails are preferred but you might not be able to create them if you are
reading this article
If your card holder is Billy Nye, use email which is similar to his name.
Have a ready VoIP account and call the shop if they have to confirm information. Usually they only ask about CC
info and shipping adress. You dont want to call them with a man voice when CC is a female's, do you ? Use voice
changers instead. Do this even when confirming orders for man CCs, to mask your identity.
Checking CCs before making purchase is highly discouraged as most checkers flag/kill cc. Try this on your own
Check BIN before trying order. If it is credit platinum, chances are you can buy a fuckton of things. If its debit
classic, good luck with that.
There are some services that offer DOB and SSN checks. You might want to use them if you dont have fullz.
Dont sell too much in eBay, it can get suspcious. Try to use different sites and differenet usernames. However, dont
sell brand new iPhone for 100$ just to sell it. It will become suspicious !

Oh and use fake ID, but I probably shouldnt say this
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