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Staff member
Nov 26, 2020
Ok, so I've seen many methods on how to cash out CC to get UKASH then to get yourself PM and
they’re all rubbish, they do not give you step by step guide as I do. Today I'm going to teach you
how to card This Site. It will take a little work, but the outcome is worth it. So let´s get started.
What’s needed: US/UK/Whatever country CC + Valid Phone Number
Recommended: NVPN, SOCK5's
Step one: Create an email on Here
in the name of the cardholder.
Step two: Go to Here
clicked on UKASH then select $50 UKASH (This is the highest amount you can card per account,
unless the card is still live in the next 24 hours).
Step three: Go to check out and fill in the information that is required (First name, Last name,
Email, Country, Phone number).
Step four: Click complete order, you will then be taken to a page where they will need to verify
your phone number (make sure you have your sim card at hand because the page will time out
within 2-6 minutes). Click "Text me now". You will then receive a 5 digit code, enter the code.
Step five: Your order is now complete, if you order was successfully placed you will receive you
UKASH instantly and not in the 30 minute timeframe they provide.
Ok so now you've realized you can't make another account and you get "Registration Failed:
Qualifications required to register a customer account were not met". I am going to give you a few
tips and ways to get past this.
First tip: Invest in
NVPN (Independent IP),
also get sock5's from
You want to also change your DNS, you can do this by going to
and use this software to clear all cookies and stored files on your computer and not just your
browser. You should then be able to make another account (wait up to 30 minutes-60 minutes each
time you make an account)
Second tip: Connect to a BTWIFI or BTFON, buy 1 hour worth of internet, make an account, wait
for the internet to run out. Clear all cookies and stored files with cc cleaner, buy another hour and
you should then be able to make another account (I don't know why it lets you but it does).
Third tip: Pay someone to make an account for you in the cardholders name + your valid number, it
will only cost you $2-$3 and is sometimes easier than following the first two tips.
Ok so now you want to exchange your UKASH, I always use This One
you have a better exchanger always use this site. Its legit and fast.
You will get $28 LR from the exchange site I provided for $50 UKASH, most UK CC's are $7-10
and US CC are even cheaper. Sim cards are cheap or you can get them free so don't worry about
that, you always making a profit.
UK bins to use on This Site: 492940, 492942, 465942 - These are the bins I use.
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