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What is the Difference between Brute Force vs Dictionary Attack


Dec 5, 2020

In my previous posts i have explained what is brute force and dictionary attack. Please before reading this article, read the following article:
Dictionary Attack cracking Hash code
What is Brute Force Cracking Attack?

if you understand the clearly what is brute force and dictionary attack,actually no need to read this article. but listing difference between them is good idea.

Brute ForceDictionary Attack
Use different kind of possible key combinationUse list of known passwords
large number of key combinationLimited to certain common keys
Time is depending on the password strong and lengthTime is depending on length of dictionary. i mean number of common passwords.
example of possible keys:
Example of common passwords:
Easy to crack when the key length is smallEasy to crack if the password is common password

First give trial to Dictionary attack. most of passwords will be cracked using dictionary attack itself.
If it is hard to crack the Hash code using dictionary attack,then go with Brute Force attack.

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