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The best and fastest way to cash out an SS is by driving from card to card


Staff member
Nov 26, 2020
We will work through a wonderful office that allows you to make a money transfer from card to card almost instantly

Requirements for the method:
1. Live (valid) CC + CVV Visa or MasterCard
2. Bins: Auto-VBV, Non-VBV, Non-MCSC, Reset-VBV
3. Temporary phone number under sms for logging in or SIM card
4. Virtual, debit or credit card to which we will make a bay

Advantages of the method:
1. Fast and easy registration
2. Intuitive and affordable interface
3. Availability of funds sent from card to card within a few minutes
4. Absence of antifraud policy. You can drive from any IP and base that does not match the cardholder.
5. Work with any material in the world
6. The minimum commission is less than $ 3, or we use a promotional code for a transfer without any commission at all - "SENDFREE".

Step-by-step guide:


2. In the right column, select the currency of the card and the amount that we want to exchange (you can select the material of any available country).
In the line below, select the currency of the card you want to receive the gulf on. The amount will be converted to local currency automatically.
For example, I chose Germany (EUR) for Ukraine (UAH), it turned out 400 EUR for 12656 UAH (that's about $ 470).

3. Click "Get started"

4. We are transferred to the page for entering the phone number. You must specify the exact country from which you are going to make a money transfer and click "Continue":


5. After the number is indicated, an SMS with a 5-digit code will be sent to it, which must be entered in the appropriate field:


6. Click "Send Money"

7. Fill in the "Add recipient's card in Ukraine" form
Card number - the number of the card to which we are making the money transfer
First name - the name of the cardholder to which we are making the money transfer
Last name - the surname of the card holder to which we make a money transfer


Fill out the "Send money from" form below
Card number - card number with which we make money transfer
Expiry date - card expiration date (month / year) with which we make money transfer
CVC / CVV - security code of the card with which we make money transfer
and click "Continue"

8. We are transferred to the merchant of the issuing bank that issued the card, we confirm.

9. Voila! 2 minutes and the money was credited to the desired card.

10. After a few hours, we repeat the transactions until there is a balance on the donor card.

When uploading to the same card, the transaction can simply be repeated from the payment history. To do this, you only need to enter the CVV code, which is very convenient and practical.


PS If you do not have a card to upload to, ask for data from any verified cash-in services, but keep in mind that they will have to pay% for the service. You can receive payment in cryptocurrency.
We set up a separate phone number for each card, it is only needed to access the office's personal account.
The method has been tested from European debit cards to CIS debit cards, but I think any exchange countries and types of cards will work.
You can pump up to $ 10k per day without any difficulties and problems.
At the moment, this is the fastest and easiest way to cash out CC, which does not require special settings, skills and abilities. Available and useful to every beginner and experienced carder. Use it to your health.
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