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Kfc Club

Patrick Stash
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Rescator cvv and dump shop
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Staff member
Dec 3, 2020
The Method Is very Easy And Simple
Snapdeal Security Is Weak Nowadays
U Can Easily Card It Via This Method
1.Get A USA Amex Card Of Bin –
379713 or 379711
Any Bin 37971* Series Would Work
Must Be Good Balance For Working With Cardholder Name Too
2.No VPN or Socks is Needed But You Must Use Security For Being Safe
3.Open and Select Product Upto 29k and Checkout With CC
4.Billing Address Is Your Drop Or Shipping Address
5.You Will Receive A Confirmation Call That You Placed An Order So Keep Your Mobile Number and Email Address Correct
6.When They Come For Delivery They Will Call You Just Accept The Package And Sign For It
7.Sometimes They Ask For Verification , Like Driving License Or Passport Or Whatsoever
8.If They Click A Picture Dont Allow Them Because It May Cause Problems
Just Deny And They Will Go Away
9.In Review Give Negative Feedback For Sure
10. Enjoy The Item
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