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carders card forum

  1. RedX

    Hong Kong experiment: why did the Hong Kong authorities come up with a digital dollar and how are its tests going?

    Recently, the Hong Kong Monetary Association (HKMA Hong Kong Monetary Association) published a report on pilot projects for the Hong Kong dollar digital currency (Central Bank Digital Currency, CBDC) - e-HKD. The regulator launched a pilot program in May to explore the use of a potential digital...
  2. RedX

    Malaysian authorities conducted a special operation to catch tax crypto-crooks

    Malaysia's Internal Revenue Service (IRB) has conducted an Ops Token operation to combat the diversion of tax revenue from cryptocurrency trading. This is reported by local media. The raids on 10 different locations in the Klang Valley involved 38 members of the Royal Police and the country's...
  3. RedX

    How will you be accepted on crypto exchangers?

    The topic will be written absolutely entirely in a semi-free style, but I will convey the meaning completely to those whose minds are capable of perceiving and, most importantly, thinking ahead, and not at the moment. The most ideal version of answers after reading is clarifying questions for...
  4. RedX

    Crypto laundromat: how extortionists launder cryptocurrency

    Cryptomixers, nesting doll services, cashing out and other ways ransomware operators launder crypto-income. As you know, cryptocurrencies are not anonymous at all. Since all transactions with them (almost all, but more on that below) are recorded in blockchains, the movement of funds is quite...
  5. RedX

    Why carders can't make money in carding?

    Today we will talk about the most effective way to start making money on the Internet, even if the carder doesn’t succeed. And also in this article I will talk about the reasons for unsuccessful attempts at carding. Reasons for unsuccessful attempts When thinking about carding, a carder strives...
  6. RedX

    How to earn more in carding by doing the same thing?

    Finishing last year with a certain monetary result, I set myself a global task for the whole year - to earn at least 2 times more money next year. And this year became for me the very bar that made me think: “Will it work out this time?” And it wasn’t even that I was frightened by a figure...
  7. RedX

    Tips on making money in carding

    Listening to the advice of carders, you may encounter a problem when there are more different opinions than there are carders themselves. And the chance to find at least one worthwhile piece of advice among them will be no greater than the chance to catch a fly flying over your head with your...
  8. RedX

    Criminological and psychological study of the personality of a modern professional carder

    In this article, the author explores the criminological and psychological characteristics of the personality of a professional carder in modern conditions. Key words: fraud, carders, carding, cyber fraud, psychology, personality, victim, prevention, information technology, resourcefulness. In...
  9. RedX

    Modern carding: is there an “antidote”

    Recently, the so-called carding - theft from bank plastic cards - has been very popular among computer scammers. Such criminals are well armed with knowledge and have in their arsenal a number of special technical means that allow them to steal information from bank cards. There are many known...
  10. RedX

    Modern educational technology: how to learn carding and teach today?

    Today, as never before, education is becoming the most important sphere, because the acquisition of knowledge takes on the character of a routine (in a good way), a necessity on the path of a successful existence. Therefore, educational technologies, with the help of which teachers bring this or...
  11. RedX

    Carding and black boxes. Understanding the main method of hacking ATMs today.

    Iron boxes with money standing on the streets of the city cannot but attract the attention of lovers of quick money. And if earlier purely physical methods were used to empty ATMs, now more and more skillful tricks associated with computers are being used. Now the most relevant of them is the...
  12. RedX

    A common phenomenon today is credit card fraud (carding)

    Credit card fraud has become quite common today. At the same time, the bank's clients can seriously risk their own funds, which cybercriminals have the opportunity to take by fraud. Risks can lie in wait for a person when paying for a purchase in a store or via the Internet, when cashing out...
  13. RedX

    Carding today. Safety and Work Tips.

    Hello anon. Be sure to read to the end and approach everything with irony and a dose of sarcasm. The article is for informational purposes only and does not call for illegal actions)) We all know that there is a layer of people who are kind of slackers and parasites. Who, sitting at home on...
  14. RedX

    Operation DISTANTHILL: Southeast Asia Cleared of Bank Fraud

    7 months of investigation, $1.3 million confiscated. Hackers will get what they deserve. Singapore police have announced the extradition of two men from Malaysia on charges of participating in a mobile malware campaign targeting the country's citizens from June 2023. The men, aged 26 and 47...
  15. RedX

    Backdoor in D-Link routers that includes telnet access

    In some models of D-Link wireless routers, a backdoor (CVE-2024-6045) has been identified that allows an unauthorized user from the local network to activate the telnet service on the device, which provides access to the system with administrator rights, using the username and password saved in...
  16. RedX

    Spinning YARN 2.0: Miners found a new loophole in Docker

    Attackers are rewriting their tools to counteract the analysis. Researchers have identified a new malware campaign targeting Docker APIs for delivering cryptocurrency miners and other malware. Among the tools used, a remote access tool capable of downloading and executing additional malicious...
  17. RedX

    In Lviv, two brothers created phishing sites for sale

    The attackers, Lviv residents aged 34 and 36, were exposed by operatives of the Department of Countering Cybercrime in the Lviv region together with investigators of the Police Department No. 1 of the Lviv District Police Department No. 1, under the procedural guidance of the Galician District...
  18. RedX

    Illegal online casino: members of a criminal group will be tried in Poltava

    Cyber police and detectives of the Economic Security Bureau, under the procedural guidance of the Prosecutor General's Office, stopped the activity of an underground online casino. The indictment against five members of the group was sent to the court. Law enforcement officers in February of...
  19. RedX

    Cyber police officers exposed the minor who earned on "mining" of educational institutions

    The defendant offered on the Internet for money the services of swatting (fake messages about an emergency) and doxing (publication of a person's personal information on the Internet without his consent). Police officers of Nikolayevshchina exposed the malefactor and withdrew proofs of illegal...
  20. RedX

    How carders work in 2024

    I recently wrote a post about working in the “k” department, and now there will be a post about working as a carder (those who steal money from cards). I will write where they get the material for the work, how they drive in the CC, shipping things for drops, and how they catch such individuals...
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