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Dec 5, 2020

Hi Break The Security’s Hackers, i have created Password Cracking Tool. I have released it as open source software in sourceforge.net.
This tool uses Dictionary Attack method to crack the MD5, SHA-1,MD4,SHA-128,256,512 hash codes. Now it is simple and basic tool. In future it will become more efficient tool.
Join As developer
You can also help me to develop this tool. Your name will also included in the credits of the software. But you have to strong in Swing concept of Java. Don’t worry..!! if you are not java developer, you can also write code in your own language and give it to me. I will convert to Java. If you like to develop this tool , then register in sourceforge.net and visit projects.BreakTheSecurity.com
For Users

  • This is very simple tool.
  • Easy to use and efficient tool
  • Portable Software (no need to install).
  • Fastest Password Cracking tool.
Download this tool now and use from here:
Thanks for Supporting friends.
Password Cracking Methods

Read the following two articles, this will help you to know about password cracking
Dictionary Attack Cracking
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