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Make your current desktop a virtual machine - Tutorial


Staff member
Dec 3, 2020
So just thought I would throw this out there. Basically in a few easy steps, you can make your current desktop - files/profiles and everything a virtual environment for a backup or for usage.

Basically download this

Select your drive like I have in this picture - choose what the output file name/location will be and hit create


Now open up virtual box - Click New - name it what you want and select the type of machine it is, don't add hard drive now.
Then click settings after you make it, Click storage then hit the green plus button at the bottom.

Click IDE Then hit choose existing disk, then choose your file you made (VHD)


Now you can hit start and enjoy it!

Here's a video I made for those who don't understand. Sorry it's so long, was running some other shit at the same time.

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