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Dec 5, 2020
Major cryptocurrency exchanges were down for more than an hour, resulting in significant losses.


On Tuesday, Cloudflare disruptions affected major global services, including popular crypto exchanges. The company confirmed that the problems were related to a critical failure that led to disruption of the service in many regions. According to experts, failures in Cloudflare have affected applications and sites around the world.

According to disBalancer, the crypto exchanges Gate.io (1 h 20 min), AscendEX (1 h 20 min), Coinbase (1 h 19 min), OKX (1 h 19 min), Blockchain.com (1 h 19 min), Crypto.com (1 h 17 min). Crypto exchanges Coinbase ($109,083,180), OKX ($93,475,456), and Gate.io ($77,789,159) suffered the biggest losses. Information security specialists noted that data on trading volumes is not constant, so estimates are approximate.

"This was not the first time that Cloudflare outages caused downtime for popular applications and web resources. Given the current situation, the real reasons for Cloudflare's outage remain unknown," disBalancer said.

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