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How to sell things FAST (selly / shoppy)


Staff member
Dec 3, 2020
Quick tutorial how to sell things fast. With this method you are guaranteed that a LOT people will see your shop.
Step 1 - Create a reddit account (or buy one from reddit-boost.com to look legit Kappa
Step 2 - Find a subreddit where you will be advertising your shop (r/GamingMarket , r/GameSale, r/GameTrade , r/GameDeals, r/redditbay )
Step 3 - make a post and include your selly.gg or shoppy.gg link
Step 4 - ask your friends to upvote your post ( or buy upvotes from reddit-boost.com Kappa When you have upvotes your post will be on top of subreddit and a lot of people will see it

Step 5 - Profit????
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