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Get free antivirus keys and/or subscriptions to most websites! [kaspersky, norton, adobe, etc.]


Dec 5, 2020
Here guys, I'll just leak it since people are trying to sell this known method:

1) go to antivirus/website where you want to get a free subscription.
2) make sure you have the German version of the website (for most, add .de to the end instead of .com . If this doesn't work, just google 'german website kaspersky' or whatever antivirus you want)
3) go to payment options and choose "Direct Deposit"
4) go to http://fake-it.cc
5) use IBAN, BLZ, Kontonummer, and BIC to fill out details on the site you want free shit from
6) BAM! You have a subscription without paying anything. Kaspersky blacklists keys that do not receive payment within 1-2 days. Other sites, idk... Method used to work on Origin for Origin Access but they caught on to it...
7) ???
8) Profit

Picture Guide Example (Kaspersky):

Anyone's free to use that activation code. It's unused.

This can work on numerous websites, and it doesn't even have to be for Antivirus keys!
Websites it may or may not work on include: subscription sites & key sites
You will have to play around with it to see what sites are vulnerable to this.
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