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Download Widestep elite Keylogger 7.0 [Free]


Staff member
Dec 3, 2020
You may need keylogger in this following situation:
  • you are a caring parent and need to know whom your kids are talking to or what websites they are visiting while you’re away
  • you are suspecting your spouse/ girlfriend or boyfriend in cheating.
Key logger
You may need keylogger for any other reasons. Whatever, in this post i am going to give you the link to download the Elite Keylogger 7.0 tool.
While you installing this Keylogger in your system ,you will be asked to select mode(visible mode, invisible mode ). If you are New to the Keyloggers, then i suggest you the visible mode. Enter your decided password. Now you are ready to spy your or your spouse system. But do not forget your unhide word, as keylogger runs in stealth mode and you can’t see it until typing this word.
After the launch you will see the main window in which you can configure and set main parameters of monitoring.
Concerning the main features. With this keylogger you can view chats, instant messages, emails, Internet activity, absolutely all keystrokes, programs’ activity, all passwords and even Windows logon password, usernames and time they worked on your computer, desktop activity, clipboard and more.
Moreover, Elite keylogger takes screenshots of your desktop in a definite period of time. You can filter logs, save them or delete all of them. You can also receive all the logs via e-mail and send them to FTP and save them remotely. One of the new features added was possibility to send logs to USB drive once it is plugged in.
You can also choose the accounts and applications which have to be monitored. In case you want users to know that the computer is monitored – you can apply “Show monitoring warning on startup” option.
And what is the main advantage of a keylogger? Of course, its invisibility. While testing none of antiviruses detected this one small utility.
As you can see, the range of options this keylogger offers is rather wide. And if you need to get detailed information of all PC activity – this keylogger is just what you need.
Elite Keylogger is compatible with Win 2000/XP/Vista/7 x32 (64-bit edition is in development)
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