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Complete Anonymity Using Layered Virtual Machines and Tor


Staff member
Dec 3, 2020
This tutorial is more conceptual in nature so that you can achieve actual anonymity when carrying out your nefarious (just kidding... ethical) hacking activities.
Here's the overview (and, it's overkill... but the concept is good):
Start with the native machine (turn it on, dummy).
Connect to the internet via your Torguard VPN (purchased with Bitcoin).
Install VMWare.
Inside VMWare... install Kali Linux (this will be your Kali Linux ONE machine).
Connect to the internet (again) via your Torguard VPN (again).
Install Virtualbox on the Kali Linux ONE machine.
Download and apply Whonix Gateway to your Virtualbox (this sends your connections through the Tor network).
Install the Whonix Gateway machine and turn it on.
Inside Virtualbox, install Kali Linux TWO. When installing this second Kali Linux machine, make sure all traffic is directed through the Whonix Gateway by changing the adaptor setting to "Internal Network." This will ensure that Kali Linux is sending traffic through the Tor network.
This structure is complicated, takes a while to set up, but CAN circumvent the complicated and sensitive protections of GMail... so, I mean, it's pretty awesome.
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