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    Metasploitable 3: Exploiting HTTP PUT

    In this hacking tutorial we will be exploiting the HTTP PUT method on one of the Metasploitable 3 webservers to upload files to the webserver. If the HTTP PUT method is enabled on the webserver it can be used to upload a specified resource to the target server, such as a web shell, and execute...
  2. P

    The Great Leak: Microsoft Exchange AutoDiscover Design Flaw

    Recently a “design flaw” in the Microsoft Exchange’s Autodiscover protocol was discovered by researchers that allowed access to 372,072 Windows domain credentials and 96,671 unique sets of credentials from applications such as Microsoft Outlook and third-party email clients. According to Amit...
  3. T

    Legitcarders Forums Western Union, Bank,PayPal,Money Booker,Cash App Transfer

    Well Come to My Service: Hello Dear Fraudsters, We are proudly announcing brand new transfer service in legitcarders.ru forum network Here to provide you a professional Transfer Service. Hi everybody! i wanna offer u my high-quality and reliable services: He is the best and secure way to make...

    Brazil Visa Card

    4929109683574007 05/24 499 neil cartwright 29 the Comp Eaton Bray luton bedfordshire lu6 2dh UNITED KINGDOM 07950192266

    Kill 201 Dumps Working

    4147202430462091=240620110100347 5524890009589532=22092016010000090301 4510143004949304=23052019010001710001 4900711110175291=2110201000001300000 4520830016278056=22112010901032340001


    FOLLOW THE METHOD TO GET THE BEST RESULTS *METHOD DOUSNT KILL CARDS 1. Sign up for: -truthfinder.com – findme.cm – https://voice.google.com/ 2. Once u have purchased your cc go to thruthfinder and search the name and address and open the report. 3. Search for the SSN on findme make sure the...

    E-GIFT CARD CARDING Method 2021

    E-GIFT CARD CARDING METHOD ( Steam wallet code, PlayStationNetwork (PSN) code, iTunes code, Google Play. Amazon giftcard, ...) Presenting here E-Gift card carding method of 2021 As I said this carding method is new and maybe you’ve never seen it before. But it 100% working and very simple. You...

    Aliexpress latest carding method 2021

    ALIEXPRESS CARDING METHOD how to card Aliexpress. If you want to have successful carding on Aliexpress then first you must need to know process, now I'm going to show you up-to-the-minute Aliexpress Carding Method of 2020, fully Guide and it is working method, but remember that you need to buy...

    "Red or White Powder" Propellant by the Jolly Roger

    "Red or White Powder" Propellant may be prepared in a simple, safe manner. The formulation described below will result in approximately 2 1/2 pounds of powder. This is a small arms propellant and should only be used in weapons with 1/2 in. diameter or less (but not pistols!). Material Required...
  10. ALBERT

    Hacking for Profit, Credit Card Fraud (A Beginners Guide) From legitcarders

    Introduction This paper is intended to detail how financially motivated hacking groups convert stolen data to monetary instruments. The primary premise for this paper is based on Eastern European hacking groups but in recent months, the “financially motivated” hacker sub group has expanded to...
  11. R

    CC to Moneygram(Unchecked)

    Requirements: -Get a usa cvv with Ssn , Mmn & Dob. these services ). May be you guys heard of Credit Reports . Now what I will say is little tricky , hope CreditReport.com Free Credit Report & History | FreeCreditReport.comfi Official http://www.annualcreditreport.com/ These sites are for...
  12. R

    CC Cashout Method 1

    You need: -a Wallet 1 account Here -a Visa for the cashout (like the anon Visa) -a mobile number of the same country of the card you must cash out (anon SIM+ cell phone never used with another SIM) -Google Translator for translate all the Russian words of these websites Go to: Website #1...
  13. ALBERT


    1.Get a good client in US to buy the card... 2.U can get ur client ssn if its good (SSN of 550+ shd work fine) 3.If u can't get client ssn go to unicc or any ssn shop online and buy an SSN that matches ur client name 4.Perform background check on ur ssn using truthfinder or findme to be sure...
  14. R

    Cashout CVV To Money Easily - Private method

    -Now all you need is a fresh good balance Hacked and strong CVV. and that is the most important part. -Pick up a full detailed CVV , THE MOST IMPORTANT IS THE DOB AND SSN. Next, run a detailed background search on the person you are using his SSN and DOB. and YOU CAN DO IT By buying the...
  15. ALBERT

    100% How to Card Amazon Method Step-by-Step

    1.U need to get an Amazon Accounts older than 6 Months and with orders on it. 2.After it u need to log in and do not change any password or something else. 3.Get VPN Same Country of the Amazon Account. 4.Log in / Log out many times !! DO NOT DELETE YOUR CACHE ON BROWSER / HISTORY 5.Add your...
  16. R

    Cashout cc,cvv or fullz-online shopping

    Guys please remember that this is a free access made up for educational propose ONLY and I’m not responable for the way in which you will use the information shared can be used by someone else in different illegal ways. Hello carders!I hope you all doing grate and are safe!Thank you for...
  17. R

    Cashing out PPandCVV Methods

    This is a collection of cashing techniques that have been discussed on HackBB. Keep in mind before you get started you will need to know how to chain a socks5 with Tor to avoid tripping a fraud filter [1]. Easy PP/CVV cashout I will preface this by admitting that I may have something to gain...
  18. R

    Cashing out cvv-buy E-Gift Cards

    Hello dear carders,I hope you’re all safe and happy. I add the Icq contact number,hoping to help you get a fast replay to your question in real time,but I start to believe I made a huge mistake.As I said from the first posts of Carding School,carding is not a winner ticket to lottery,it is...
  19. R

    Cashing out CC’s via MMO currency

    Today im going to tell you how i have gotten money from the credit card to my bank account, while being virtually untraceable. step 1 Obtain a decent credit card, can be from one with a balance of 20 to 20000, whichever you fancy step 2 Find any mmo currency site (i usually pick runescape...
  20. R

    Cashing Out A CC With Skrill

    Today we will show you how to verify your Skrill (aka MoneyBookers) account. Please note this method works only with USA Skrill, if you wanna make Eu Skrill you are to verify the CC using microdeposits, e.g. you would need EU enroll or bank account with card details. So let's get straight...
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