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    et’s get right to it! #1. The first thing is first, you have to know someone with a “verified CashApp” (mother, father, sister, brother, or just a friend ) and their account “must-have” transactions for over “3-4 months” so CashApp won’t take the account down so fast and make the account...
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    How to Use the Password Cracker 1.1 to crack hash?

    Thanks for supporting Break the security. I have released my own Hash Code Cracker Software two days back. Read the Following Articles: Password Cracker Open Source Released How to Launch the Password Cracker in Any operating System? What is Dictionary Attack? Hope , you know about...
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    Linus Torvalds(Hacker), Father of Linux -The one who inspired me .

    Hi Break The security readers, today let us know about Linus Torvalds ,the one who inspired me lot. Linus torvalds born on December 28,1969 at Helsinki in Finland, father of our Linux. He is known as software engineer and hacker. “If you want to travel around the world and be invited to...
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    what is blackbuntu?about blackbuntu tutorials

    Blackbuntu is one of new linux distribution available for security professionals. This blackbuntu is developed based on backtrack and ubuntu 10.10. Features Gnome desktop environment It will be used for penetration testing like backtrack. Project Founder: c1ph3r < c1ph3r {at} blackbuntu ...
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    How to Become a Penetration Tester/Ethical Hacker/Security Professional?

    I have been asked for tips to become Ethical Hacker or Penetration tester via email. So In this article, i am going to guide you to get into the Penetration Testing world. If you are seeing this article, then it means that you already heard about Ethical Hacking and PenTesting. Anyway, i just...

    CISA warns of attacks using SMBGhost vulnerability

    Various malware operators used SMBGhost to remotely execute code. The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has warned Windows users that the recently published PoC exploit for the worm-like vulnerability in Windows 10 ( CVE-2020-0796 ) is being used to carry out...

    Kyiv's cyberpolice has exposed a fraudulent financial options scheme

    Under the guise of investing in shares of global financial companies, fraudsters urged citizens to invest. The monthly income from criminal activity amounted to over one million hryvnias. For their machinations, the organizers created their own website and placed a call center in Kyiv...

    Iranian and Chinese hackers attack Trump and Biden campaign headquarters

    Researchers have discovered two unrelated phishing campaigns. Specialists from the Google Threat Analysis Group discovered two unrelated phishing operations aimed at campaigners for US presidential candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Biden campaigners sent phishing emails to hackers...

    In Spain, eliminated the group of SIM-sweepers of one hundred people

    In total, the group stole 504.8 thousand euros, of which 240 thousand euros - from one victim. As a result of a law enforcement operation, Spanish National Police officers arrested 94 people suspected of fraud with SIM cards (the so-called SIM swap). According to the press service of the...
  10. ALBERT

    In the United States found Nikulin guilty of cybercrime

    He faces 10 years in prison for every sale of stolen account data. Jurors in the USA found Russian citizen Yevgeny Nikulin guilty of cybercrime on all nine counts. He faces years of imprisonment. The verdict will be announced at the end of September. The verdict was read by Judge William Elsap...
  11. ALBERT

    US prosecutors accuse a citizen of Kazakhstan of cybercrime.

    Seattle’s authorities have issued an indictment against a Kazakh citizen who is accused of a series of cybercrimes. According to the document, the 37-year-old Andrei Turchin participated in attacks on government agencies, schools, banks and hotels. Turchin is known in a cybercrime environment...
  12. ALBERT

    Russian caught on credit card fraud on Samui in Thailand

    On the Thai island of Samui, 35-year-old Vadim Valeev was arrested, suspected of using fake bank cards. During the detention, he found 8 fake "credit cards" belonging to other persons, as well as a device for reading data from cards. A bank official contacted Surat Thani Province police who...
  13. ALBERT

    Hacker put up for sale database with 2 million Citrix customer records

    The price of a database called citrix_leads_vivo is 2.15 bitcoin. A hacker posted an ad on a clandestine darknet forum selling a database allegedly owned by Citrix, an American software maker. According to the seller, he gained access to more than 2 million records of the company's...
  14. ALBERT

    In the Zaporizhzhya region, attackers sold non-existent goods on social networks

    20-year-old and 21-year-old residents of Zaporozhye, as well as 36-year-old native of Kharkov, posted ads on the sale of clothes on popular social networks. But the scammers didn’t have any goods. Therefore, after the gullible customers transferred money for the goods, the advertisement for the...
  15. ALBERT

    Alibaba Facial Recognition Tech Picks Out Uyghur Minorities

    Chinese multinational technology company Group Holding Ltd is offering Uyghur/ethnic minority recognition as a cloud service, according to a new report by surveillance industry researcher IPVM and The New York Times. Users simply send photographs of people taken on their phones or pulled from...
  16. ALBERT

    Cyber-stalker Blackmailed Nebraska Legislature Candidate’s Wife

    A man has been found guilty of cyber-stalking his former girlfriend in an attempt to prevent her husband from being elected to the Nebraska Legislature. Forty-eight-year-old Nebraskan Dennis Sryniawski obtained a sexually explicit photograph of La Vista resident Dianne Parris with her consent...
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    3 Canada Mastercard World Card

    CCnum:: 5223039650617671 Cvv: 228 Expm: 10 Expy: 23 Fname: Lynda Lname: Hislop Address: 5-50076 Township Road 713 City: COUNTY OF GRANDE PRAIRIE NO. Zip: T8X4A3 Country: CANADA Phone: 731589418 CCnum:: 5223035073003218 Cvv: 220 Expm: 05 Expy: 24 Fname: Ryan Lname: Priest-brown Address: 110...
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    2 Germany Mastercard High Balance

    CCnum:: 5486997749089750 Cvv: 195 Expm: 09 Expy: 21 Fname: Milena Lname: Sahoraj Address: Arndstraße 27 City: BERLIN Zip: 12489 Country: GERMANY Phone: 017660866414 Email: Dob: 22-06-1995 CCnum:: 5256156002517498 Cvv: 434 Expm: 09 Expy: 22 Fname: Barbara Lname: Günzel Address: Am Pfaffenwald 9...
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    4 Fresh Sweden Live Master Cards!

    5254124743388514 | 03 | 2025 | 795 | SWEDEN | Kenneth Karlsson | Engelbrektsvgen 47 | STATE | | 18646 | 0709968787 | [email protected] 5254124743916967 | 11 | 2023 | 565 | SWEDEN | Sara Ericsson | Egon stlunds Gata 4 Lgh 1302 | STATE | | 30224 | 0733883669 | [email protected]
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    Idea 3G daily plan hacked-mobile tricks

    This post is especially for idea users. Now use idea 3G daily plan for free. First of all activate the daily plan by dialing *567*910#(have to maintain balance above 10rs). Access point apn is imis. At the night(11pm to 3am), seduce the balance below 5rs by making calls and sending sms. Now the...
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