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    Ukrainian Cyber Police Marks Binance's Role In Capturing $ 42 Million Criminals

    The Binance cryptocurrency exchange assisted in the capture of three people involved in the laundering of $ 42 million, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry said in a statement . The Cyber Police Department's cooperation with Binance began in early 2020 after the agency became interested in the...

    FBI informant spoke about the work of fraudulent technical support services

    All the victims of the scammers were senior citizens with no technical knowledge. US authorities have indicted three suspects involved in a major fraudulent operation in which they impersonate technical support. FBI agents arrested one of the criminals' accomplices and turned him into an...

    Hacker arrested in Russia for extorting money for decrypting data

    After the transfer of the cryptocurrency to the hacker, representatives of the company filed a statement with the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Irina Volk, representing the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, told reporters about the arrest of a resident of...

    Getting Private CC's Through SQL Injection Tutorial

    This is my method for getting fresh CC info, sent directly to an inbox of your choosing! First, you need to find yourself a vulnerable shop. Won't go into too many details here, this should be pretty drilled into your head by now. You can do this with Google Dorks manually, or use tools like...

    TeleShadow v3 - Telegram Desktop Session Stealer (Windows)

    Teleshadow3- Advanced Telegram Desktop Session Hijacker! Download Click HERE to download the latest version! Stealing desktop telegrams has never been so easy! Set the email and sender details of the sender and recipient or use Telegram API! and send it to the victim after compiling. How do I...

    H2Buster - A Threaded, Recursive, Web Directory Brute-Force Scanner Over HTTP/2

    A threaded, recursive, web directory brute-force scanner over HTTP/2 using hyper, inspired by Gobuster. Features Fast and portable - install hyper and run. Multiconnection scanning. Multithreaded connections. Scalable: scans can be as docile or aggressive as you configure them to be. h2 and h2c...

    Download Widestep elite Keylogger 7.0 [Free]

    You may need keylogger in this following situation: you are a caring parent and need to know whom your kids are talking to or what websites they are visiting while you’re away you are suspecting your spouse/ girlfriend or boyfriend in cheating. Key logger You may need keylogger for any...

    Dell pc Alienware carding method

    1. Fresh Drop (if ur drop is blacklist in DELL u won't pass even ur CC is good) 2. Good CCV (non-VBV or non-MSC) 3. Sock / VPN / SSH / VPS (tis not important, but good sock at same state of CC is better) Now, let start: A - If You Want To Make Only Single Order With Single Cvv2 ( Which is...

    New Code to Force Tech Giants to Provide Greater Data Transparency and Choice

    The UK government has unveiled plans to develop a new statutory code for tech companies that is designed to give customers more choice and control over their data. The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) said that a dedicated Digital Markets Unit will work alongside...
  10. ALBERT

    The Free Guide to Corporate Hacking / Espionage

    Let’s keep this sweet and short - we are all anonymous and you should not trust us and we do not trust you. Do not trust others as human instinct fails in the long run. This is simply a guide to correctly hack a system from the inside without getting caught. You can do this yourself if you’re...
  11. ALBERT

    How to Change your IMEI [Get unbanned from Games]

    Hey there! this is my tutorial on how to change your IMEI! Warning: I'm not responsible for any damage caused to your device throughout the tutorial! Follow my steps correctly and you will be good in no time! Why changing the IMEI? What is it good for? Well, changing your IMEI will unban you...
  12. P

    RCE Finder

    FWRF (don't try to pronounce it) is a open source tool for firmware web-side analysis. Why FWRF? Due to some stupids minds, the new trend is to put computers in everything. This poc was initially written for testing some wifi antennas firmware. The only common element between linux-embedded...
  13. P

    LOIC 1.0.8 - A network stress testing application

    Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC) is an open source network stress testing and denial-of-service attack application, written in C#. LOIC was initially developed by Praetox Technologies, but was later released into the public domain, and now is hosted on several open source platforms. LOIC performs a...
  14. P

    BlackEye - The Most Complete Phishing Tool

    BLACKEYE is an upgrade from original ShellPhish Tool (https://github.com/thelinuxchoice/shellphish) by thelinuxchoice under GNU LICENSE. It is the most complete Phishing Tool, with 32 templates +1 customizable. WARNING: IT ONLY WORKS ON LAN! This tool was made for educational purposes! Phishing...
  15. P

    why can not we create con folder in windows?

    A Reason Behind the Con Folder Creation in Windows We all know that we can’t create Con, Folder in windows. not only con but also ” PRN, AUX, CLOCK$, NUL, COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4, COM5, COM6, COM7, COM8, COM9, LPT1, LPT2, LPT3, LPT4, LPT5, LPT6, LPT7, LPT8, LPT9 and more”. Here i am going to...
  16. P

    Introduction to Cain & Abel tool-How to use cain and abel?

    Cain and abel tools is password recovery tools(let us use it as Hacking/Cracking Tools). This cracking tool allows us to crack the password using different kind of methods. Some of them are: Brute Force Attack Dictionary attack Crypt Analysis attack recording VoIP conversations sniffing the...
  17. P

    How to Crack the Hash Code using Dictionary Attack ?|Cracking Tutorials

    In my previous posts, i have explained what brute force attack is and how to implement using cain tools. Today i am going to explain what dictionary attack is. Dictionary Cracking Method: This is second type of Cracking the cipher text. Trying all known passwords is known as Dictionary...
  18. P

    Hashcode Cracking using Hashcat| Backtrack 4 Tutorials Part 1

    I have Break The security(BTS) readers, this is first Backtrack 4 hacking tutorial. Today let us see about the HashCat cracking tool(Dictionary attack). if you don’t know what is Dictionary attack,then please read this Dictionary Attack Practical Example Backtrack 4 Tutorials Step 1: Boot...
  19. P

    Mozilla Firefox Interesting Tricks-Just for Fun

    This post is just for fun. You can impress your friends/lover with this trick. Copy the following path into mozilla browser and hit enter. See the Magic..!! Small scrolling Mozilla chrome://global/content/alerts/alert.xul Display Preference...
  20. P

    Carding with any Smartphone tutorial 2022 method

    Carding with a smartphone is regarded as extreme difficult by newbies since most tutorials cover how to card with PC since they are safe and availabilities of PC carding tools, in this tutorial I will teach you how to card online store securely on your smartphone or tablet. Well, most pro...
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