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carders forum australia

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    Make speak what a type -have a fun with windows xp

    No need to install any software or no need to download anything. here is the simplest trick to make xp to speak what you type. open Notepad and type the following text: save it as “filename.vbs” Then open the file. it’ll ask you enter text,within 1 second you can hear the sound.
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    Trace the location , service provider of mobile number

    what is the use of tracing the mobile number? If some one disturbing you from unknown no, you can trace the location of their number. It may use for annoying prank calls, blackmails, unknown number in a missed call list or similar. Even though it is not possible to trace the number back...
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    CMSeeK v1.1.2 - CMS Detection And Exploitation Suite

    Functions Of CMSeek: Basic CMS Detection of over 170 CMS Drupal version detection Advanced Wordpress Scans Detects Version User Enumeration Plugins Enumeration Theme Enumeration Detects Users (3 Detection Methods) Looks for Version Vulnerabilities and much more! Advanced Joomla Scans Version...
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    Postshell - Post Exploitation Bind - Backconnect Shell

    PostShell is a post-exploitation shell that includes both a bind and a back connect shell. It creates a fully interactive TTY which allows for job control. The stub size is around 14kb and can be compiled on any Unix like system. Why not use a traditional Backconnect/Bind Shell? PostShell...
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    Hack Other Mobile Phone Lock/Pattern

    Hacklock is a bash based script which is officially termux from this tool in just one click you can generate pattern phishing tool which can hack victim pattern and. This tool works on both rooted Android device and Non-rooted Android device. Installation and usage guide: $ apt-get update -y...
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    Paypal Carding and Cashout Methods 2022

    The method that I will describe below is an innovative Paypal recharge method in 2022. Once you find out about it, you can easily use Card Paypal and Cashout. Just read carefully, because you need to clearly understand all the advantages of this method. Paypal is a 2D gateway. The company is...
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    Grey Cap MAFIA ALL COURSES Spilled

    Dark Cap MAFIA ALL COURSES Spilled Download Link Google Drive Download Link
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    Impulse - The best SMS bomber

    SMS-Bomber - software designed for mass sending (spam) SMS messages to a specified mobile phone number. Installation for windows: Download Python3.8 Download Python The official home of the Python Programming Language After that we need to download Impulse from GitHub'a Now open cmd and go to...
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    How to do email bombing

    How to do email bombing Hello guys in my previous tutorial, I showed you guys how to bomb email with floodcrm.net, in today's method we going to use a different so without being said, let's get started How to do email bombing 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 1. apt install python2 2. ls 3. git clone...
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    Remove Os Menu

    I was used dual OS in my pc. when i felt one OS is unwanted, i removed it. After i removed that Os also,i got this OS option in OS selection menu while booting. when i searching for the solution ,i found this solution to remove that OS option. This article will help you to get of the problem...
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    Change Your “Start windows” Sound

    Are you boring with your Start windows sound? This is the trick to change your Windows starting sound and other sounds. Go to Control Panel Click Sound and audio Devices Select Sound Tab. In program events,select start windows Now click the Browse Button and select your audio file(it should...
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    |50TB| UDEMY COURSES LEAKED [PROGRAMMING,PHOTOSHOP.ETC] Large collection of Books, Courses, Films, Games, Serials, Softwares, Songs and Wallpapers. Download : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1hxe7Des-ooQpamAtjyR7CX-k_hyqlQ7Q ➖ Share and Support Us ➖ 8TB Mega Trading Courses Learn...
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    [NEW]DcRat v1.0.7 - AutoBuild

    Features TCP connection with certificate verification, stable and security Server IP port can be archived through link Multi-Server,multi-port support Plugin system through Dll, which has strong expansibility Super tiny client size (about 40~50K) Data transform with msgpack (better than JSON...
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    Multi - Report Facebook Account | Open Source Tool

    *THIS IS ONLY FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES! IM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ACTION! THIS IS TUTORIAL ON HOW TO BULK REPORT FACEBOOK ACCOUNT.FEEL FREE TO ASK WE CAN LEARN TOGETHER! Open your cmd/termux/terminal type below code one by one:- $apt update && upgrade $apt install python $apt install...
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    Disable or Re-enable USB ports using Registry edit

    Are you Computers Administrator in organization or School,college? Then probably you need this trick. Am i right? Because users may steal the documents or they may copy virus to your system. In order to restrict them you certainly want this hack. To disable the access to USB port 1. Click...
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    adobe photoshop download

    File on MEGA mega.nz
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    sms bomber

    Termux pkg install git pkg install python git clone https://github.com/TheSpeedX/TBomb.git cd TBomb chmod +x TBomb.sh ./TBomb.sh
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    cardable clothing site

    Spoiler: Kino site Kino Clothing
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    credit card dorks free

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    How to give 3D effects for Mozilla Tab?

    Foxtab addon will give you the 3D effect look for Mozilla Firefox. Features: Easily access your favorite top sites. Enjoy many tabs management options. Have 6 layouts to choose from. For each layout, select the perspective that you find the most fun and useful to use. Customize the way FoxTab...
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