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xDedic Socks System


Staff member
Nov 26, 2020
xDedic Socks System - designed to turn a Dedic into a Socks . Sox can be installed on Dedicated Server * (as a service) or simply run. Then you drive in from the Dedicated Server + Sox port into the browser, proxifier or other software, and use it. Soks lifted on Dedicated computers live 10 times longer than Soks bought on different services, besides, only you will know the Soks port, i.e. you will be the only user of socks. Even if your account on the Dedicated Server is blocked, all passwords will be changed - socks can continue to work!
We took the well-known 3proxy as a basis.

What is needed for the software to work?
- Dedik with a direct IP address, admin rights and firewalls. Dedicated OS doesn't matter, it works everywhere, from WinXP to Windows10.

Software features:
1. Raising socks and https proxies on the specified ports;
2. Installing the soks server as a service (runs as a service);
3. Simple launch without installation (if there are no admin rights but direct ip);
4. Coksification is completely anonymous, http headers are not transmitted, if you check on services it will be defined as Elite Proxy;
5. The ability to protect your proxy with a username / password (for paranoid);
6. Logs of connections / requests are not kept - disabled.

How to start?
Download the program for your grandfather, specify the ports for socks and / or https proxies and click Run or Install.
Start - only start socks, raised while the program is running !.
Install service - installation as a service, it will work even after a reboot, without logging into the account on the Dedicated Server.
Auth - you can set a login and password for socks.
SocksInfo - information about socks, IP, port, password.

If you need to change the port, set a password, click Stop,> Uninstall service, change the settings, click Install service.

Password for the archive: xDedic

Important! We do not guarantee that Sox will work on all Dedicated Servers with direct IP, because there are many nuances of blocking traffic, both on the Dedicated Server itself and on the router to which it is connected.
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