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Dec 5, 2020

One of The most searching words in google is “How to become a hacker?” but have you ever think “why you should learn hacking?”

you may like to learn hacking because of

  • for fun
  • for doing crime
if you learn it for fun(for hacking friends accounts), you will be surrounded by friends. If you are doing crime(for hacking third person’s accounts), you will be surrounde by police.

Recently one of my online little brother asked in hacking forum “how to learn hacking and deface a website”. Now a days the most of kids interested to learn hacking without knowing the purpose. Without knowledge, they do crime also. So i have planned to post this article to make them clear about hacking.

why am i teaching hacking
I’m not teaching the hacking for fun or crime. I want everyone to know what type of problem you will face while using internet.

You know friends my forum is hacked by some budding hacker. Actually i have to thank him because he notify the security flows of my forum. Now i know the security flows of forums and how to protect it.

In order to become a best police, you have to know how thief will plan. Likewise you have to know how hacking is done , to become a security expert. You got it?

you have to learn hacking to know the problem. Not to hack others. Know the wrong way so that you can prevent from picking the wrong one.
once again learn hacking to protect yourself not to attack others.

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