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Stores without 3d secure


Staff member
Nov 26, 2020
Stores do not send vbv code, you can use any cards, even bins with vbv code!
Attention, the information was relevant in 2019!
Please check.

A list of 350+ stores that do not send the VBV verification code, which were tested in 2021, are presented in the VIP section. More than 100 stores carry out international delivery.

I think many shops still work fine with any type of card, please test who has time and write down the result.
Or add your stores without 3D secure.

http://www.focalprice.com/ - electronics, household appliances, accessories;
http://www.extremepie.com/ - clothing, sports equipment;
https://www.jbox.com/ - Japanese store from food to clothing;
http://www.spacegrinders.com/ - kitchen appliances store;
http://www.strellsonshop.de/ - men's clothing;
http://www.gantshop.de/ - branded clothing;
http://www.styleon.de/ - electronics store;
http://www.com-tra.de/ - electronics, accessories;
http://www.music-town.de/ - musical instruments shop;
http://www.shopping-phone.com/ - phone store;
http://www.uhrcenter.de/ - watches, accessories, jewelry;
http://www.pdamax.de/ - shop for special equipment for hunters;
http://www.techgalerie.de/ - a great shop from a needle to a tractor;
http://www.matrixeyewear.com/ - glasses store;
http://www.thenorthface.com/ - ski clothing;
http://www.newegg.com/ - store of computers, accessories and equipment;
http://www.grasscity.com/ - store of laboratory equipment and handmade glass at expensive prices;
http://www.multiplay.co.uk/ - network gaming hosting;
https://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/section/- ticket service;
http://www.footballfanatics.com/ - sports store;
http://www.districtlines.com/ - clothes;
https://www.onlineshoes.com/ - branded shoes;
http://www.landaustore.co.uk/ - sports shoes;
http://www.jessops.com/ - cameras! English shop;
http://www.jdsports.co.uk/ - sports shoes. clothes;
http://www.hamper.com/ - wine and food store;
http://www.mainlinemenswear.co.uk/ - luxury brands for men from England;
http://www.psyche.co.uk/ - clothing store;
http://www.interflora.co.uk/ - flower shop Germany;
http://www.discount-supplements.co.uk/ - sports food store;
http://www.cigar.com/ - cigars;
http://www.waleapparatus.com/ - premium tools
http://www.nbastore.com/ - shoes, clothes;
http://www.soccergarage.com/ - premium sports shoes;
http://www.amid-elektronik.de/ - phones, tablets, etc.;
http://www.dehlwisch.de/ - tea, wine;
http://www.tx-sports.com/ - brand watches store;
http://www.stylefile.de/ - shoes, clothes;
http://www.pumkus.de/ - silverware, dishes;
http://www.golop.de/ - shoe store;
http://www.lloydstore.de/- shoe shop;
http://www.asda-entertainment.co.uk/ - clothing store;
http://www.conrad.de/ - a large store from light bulbs to televisions, electronics, household appliances, garden equipment; at
http://www.sonystyle.de/ - Sony store's official website;
http://www.sheesha24.de/ - did not understand, but in my opinion a hookah shop;
http://www.sierratradingpost.com/ - clothes, shoes, and everything for active sports;
http://www.weedworld.co.uk/ - shop everything for smokers;
http://www.dhgate.com/ - a big shop from combs to computers;
https://www.thinkgeek.com/ - a big shop, everything is like in a supermarket. the prices are low, the goods are of high quality;
http://www.caliroots.com/ - premium and not very clothing;
http://www.footlocker.eu/ - good shoe store luxury brands are present;
http://www.fallenhero.com/ - English shop with good clothes;
http://www.olympshop.de/ - men's luxury clothing;
http://www.oppodigital.com/ - store of musical electronics, accessories;
http://www.mahaenergy.com/ - batteries, chargers, accessories;
http://www.adorebeauty.com.au/ - cosmetics
http://www.eskincarestore.com/ - cosmetics


New member
Oct 23, 2021
There have lots of german stores.Does it means that if you see German shop,there have pretty good change that this is without3d secure.
But how exactly i will test,is shop 3d secure or not.Send me PM some dangerous shops,what are 3d secure
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