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Just Out Of Jail, America's Most Hated Businessman Launches Online Drug Creation Platform


Staff member
Nov 26, 2020
The businessman who made his fortune in drug speculation is back on the warpath.


Martin Shkreli, nicknamed “Pharma Bro” in the West, is launching an online drug discovery platform after being released from prison just two months ago. The businessman is known for his speculation with the drug daraprim, which is on the WHO list of essential medicines. Daraprim is a drug for the treatment of toxoplasmosis, which is the standard treatment for HIV infection. Shkreli's pharmaceutical company Turing Pharmaceuticals bought the rights to manufacture it and then raised the price of the drug 41 times from $18 to $750 per tablet. This caused justified anger from consumers and politicians, and Shkreli began to be called the "face of greed" and "the most hated" citizen of America.
In 2017, a businessman was sentenced to 7 years in prison on two counts of defrauding hedge fund investors and one count of conspiring to commit securities fraud for illegally manipulating the shares of his pharmaceutical company.

Now only four years out of a seven-year sentence, Shkreli is living in a rehab facility and is once again immersing himself in the world of pharmaceuticals, this time with the help of web3 technology. The businessman created a new project - Druglike, a platform that should help students, activists and researchers in the field of pharmaceuticals, offering access to computing resources and a platform for secure collaboration to create new drugs.

However, many considered that Shkreli's participation in such a project was a bad sign, and ridiculed the businessman's initiative.
It is worth noting that in January of this year, a federal judge banned Shkreli from working in the pharmaceutical industry for life. However, Druglike does not fall under the ban, as it is officially a company developing software for blockchain systems and web3 systems, and not a pharmaceutical company.
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