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I'm making websites - turnkey doorways 🏭🔑 | For any niche 🌐 | Low prices 💰


Sep 19, 2023
I will create a network of white doorways (satellite sites), up to 1000 pages each, using a new technology with the use of neural networks.

The network of satellite sites is suitable for any projects that provide services or sell products.

The essence of my service:
A person enters a phrase related to your niche (for example, "buy horses cheap") into a search engine (Google or Yandex) and lands on a satellite site (doorway), from where the offer redirects them to your order form, website, phone, social network, etc., depending on how you "capture" the lead (for example, "cheap horse breeds in the Moscow region here" and the corresponding link). Doorways fill the search results and gather the target audience. Of course, instead of "horses," it will be your niche, specifically the offers you provide. A network of doorways is created to maximize the search results for low-frequency queries and capture direct customers from search engines.

A network of 50 doorways with full semantic breakdown tailored to the theme of your project brings in 10,000 to 25,000 unique visitors per day with the desired GEO (I work with all countries) and around 20-45 leads per day (depending on the niche). Each doorway receives strictly search traffic generated by relevant keywords for your target audience.

Doorways are updated every few months (updates are done for free).

The doorways are "white" and appear as user-friendly websites, so they are not penalized by search engines!

The initial traffic comes after indexing and 1-2 search engine algorithms updates (up to 3 weeks).

The work is fully "turnkey".

Cost of services:
I take a minimum of 50 doorways for the job + Domain/hosting purchase for 1 year + Keyword research + Content creation for up to 1000 pages per doorway + Monthly updates to the network of doorways = $2700 crypto wallet payment.

For inquiries, please contact me on Telegram! https://t.me/czcvvz

The Adsense click cheat program includes a traffic boost script (traffic auto click bot) to the website (setting GEO targeting for the desired country or region), a proxy clicker and the AdSense clicker itself (Adsense Auto Click Bot). All scripts are embedded in one program. The program has a user-friendly graphical interface. Simulates a visit with a random pastime of the visitor on the website + click on the ad. Works through a remote private proxy server in the USA.

I myself set up the program for you, provide all the necessary instructions + my help and technical support online in telegrams on an ongoing basis. The price is all inclusive

Рrice 1500$, crypto wallet payment.

For $150 you can arrange a "test drive". I will add your website to my script and you will see the difference in income, as well as the fact that Google does not write off any clicks or income. These 50$ are returned to you in the form of clicks on your Google AdSense account.
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