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Nov 26, 2020
View Cardholder Account Details The
Card Request API allows cardholders to retrieve a list of associated debit cards and payment card details from a specific account and issuer routing number. Issuers use the Card Inquiry API to look up cardholder card and account information by account number.
Click on the API Reference link to see the technical details of this operation.

Managing Cardholder Account Information
Use the Card Services APIs to manage cardholder account, cardholder information, and balance information. Cardholders can request and manage information about their card.

VService API Maps supports the following features:

  • Creates a unique card ID for the card
  • Gets the card and account details and balance information for the given card ID.
  • Gets and updates the card status for the given card ID
  • Activates the card and verifies that the information provided by the user is valid for the given card ID.
  • Gets the transaction history for the given cardId

Authentication Method for DPS Cards and Accounts
Security and Authentication Requirements
In Cards Inquiry and API, Cards Services use Mutual (Two-Way) SSL authentication and channel encryption (CE), which requires the issuer to obtain a user ID and password and install a Public Key Infrastructure ( PKI) certificate issued by Visa. Testing credentials can be obtained online from the Sandbox Testing Project Dashboard. There is a separate application process for obtaining production credentials. For more information on how to start the process of adapting to a production environment
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