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Dec 5, 2020
hey all! how to change email on fortnite, verified/non-verified! enjoy

1. visit the epic games support page: https://epicgames.he...unts/?contact=1 fill out the language, console etc and paste this message into the given space:
hi, i’m currently in the process of transferring from my business email to my personal email and i would like my epic games email to be changed as my business email will be permanently deleted within a week and i will lose access to all features linked to that email. (EXPLAIN WHAT EMAIL YOU ARE CHANING FROM AND TO!)

2. epic games will respond within a day or two with an email with a few verification questions confirming you own the account. these questions are:
What Email address is currently associated with your Epic account.
The Current Epic display name.
First and Last Name of account holder.
External account currently connected to your Epic account, if applicable. This includes Google, Facebook, Twitch, PSN, Xbox, and Switch accounts. Make sure to let them know the platform and display name of any external accounts.

3. answer the questions and epic will send you another email with the next set of verification questions:
Date your Xbox, PSN, or Switch was connected to your Epic Games account,
Epic account creation date,
Epic Account ID (You can view this in your game settings)
Did you ever purchase the bonus Battle Pass Tiers?
Original Epic account display name,
Last login date of Epic account,
Promotional items redeemed and the platform they were redeemed on (i.e. Twitch Prime),
Battle Pass Season History: Past seasons purchased,
Battle Pass tier reached,
XP earned (Approximations are fine),
Exact dates of previous purchases on your account and pricing (e.g 18/6/18 i purchased xxx amount of vbucks for $0.00)

4. once confirmed epic will respond and ask which email you would like it changed to, respond with an email and it will be converted within 24 hours
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