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Dec 5, 2020

you can not become suddenly as a ethical hacker, you have to work harder. I will just show the path to the security professionals, you have to walk in that path. (This blog will help you to become an Ethical Hacker)

Internet Usage and security flows
The Internet usage in India is rapidly increasing. Internet becomes essential part of human life. Using Internet, one can pay the bills, buy new things, chat with friends, apply for jobs,watch online TV, etc….. It has more advantage.

Newton’s third law:For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

Internet is insecure medium ,it has many security flows. Hackers will use the computers and Internet for illegal activity (credit card fraud, software piracy, spams, DOS). Now a days thieves take new type of weapons i.e computer. The steal the money, confidential data through the Internet. Terrorist use the Internet for contacting them self.

Need for Ethical Hackers
In order to protect the computers from malicious intrusions, we need Security Professionals. Polices protect us from thieves. Ethical hackers protects us from Hackers.

What is Ethical Hacking and Ethical Hacker?
Ethical Hacking is also known as Penetration testing. Ethical hacking is the process of testing the system vulnerability legally. Usually they work under any organisation and help them to find the vulnerability in their system. Also they will fix those security flows.

Ethical hackers are technically skilled IT professionals. They process the penteration testing and find the vulnerability of the system. An ethical hacker also called as Penetration tester or White hat hacker

How to Become an Ethical Hacker?

  1. Personal Interest: The interest is the main key to become an ethical hacker. If you have more interest, you can learn new things.
  2. Learning: Learn..!!Learn..!! learn until you die..!! Read computer related books and blogs. Learn how the computers and Operating system works
  3. Know how the hackers hack: You can not solve the problem until you know what is behind the problem. So you have to learn how hackers hacks the computer, learn hacking (read for knowledge , don’t become one of them).
  4. Programming: you have to learn programming languages. Then only you can determine the flows and malicious codes. Learn the basic programming languages like: c,Java,perl,PHP. Buy a best programming books and learn it. There are plenty of website is teaching you the Programming, you can learn in Internet also.
  5. UNIX/Linux: Learn to work with UNIX/LINUX operating systems. These two are the most secure operating system.
  6. BackTrack Linux Distribution: Backtrack Linux is the famous linux distribution for Security Professionals. This backtrack is funded by Offensive Security. Backtrack has almost all penetration testing tools. You can run the backtrack OS from pen drive itself.
  7. Get Certification for Ethical Hackers: There are plenty of institution teach you ethical hacking and provide you CEH. You have to choose the best institution. You can take the online training from Offensive Security . The offensive security will make you as Penetration tester. Follow this link to get more details:
  8. BreakTheSecurity: BreakTheSecurity provides tutorial for Ethical hacking. You can learn Ethical hacking yourself for free. If you like to become penetration tester, BreakTheSecurity will help you. If you want certification, writes Certification exams.
  9. Buy Books: Buy any security /Ethical Hacking/ Penetration testing related books and read.
  10. Forums: Participate in any Security or Hacking related forums.
Opportunities for Ethical Hacker
There are plenty of jobs available in government organisations, banks, financial institutions, military establishments and private companies. India requires more Ethical Hackers.

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