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Dec 3, 2020
One of the most popular services is hacking accounts on social networks.


Specialists from Binary Defense explored a number of well-known underground sites on the darknet and reported that the service “hackers for hire” (Hackers for Hire, HfH) is once again gaining popularity.

The most famous HfH groups are currently:

  • Hack Group;
  • Rent-a-hacker;
  • Hacker Group;
  • Black Hat Journal;
  • Hacker for Hire;
  • Stroller
  • Hackse;
  • Xhacker;
  • Digital Hackers.
One of the most popular services offered by such sites is hacking accounts on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. When an attacker takes control of a target account, he publishes the content specified by the buyer on behalf of the victim.

Employed hackers also suggest changing grades in schools and universities, stealing a teacher’s email password, and changing certain data, such as the number of lessons missed. Many groups offer hacking training courses.

The cybercriminals' pages do not contain information about how they hack into accounts or how they get passwords. Most likely, they do this with the help of infostiller, phishing, or find out passwords from databases of previously leaked passwords.
Prices for such services vary. For example, the implementation of DDoS attacks will cost from $ 99, destructive interference in someone else’s life - from $ 699, and undermining the company's reputation - from $ 899. The latter includes bad reviews, negative advertising campaigns, website defacement or its removal, etc.
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