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Free Legal Prepaid Cards with balance


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Nov 26, 2020
Prepaid Virtual Cards:
• VISA and MasterCard payment system card
• A non-named card
• Face value of $ 100 - $ 500 - $ 1000
• ApplePay, GooglePay, SamsungPay
• Any purchases are possible in online stores that accept VISA and MASTERCARD cards for payment

Why this is interesting?

For the company

• Effective and convenient promotion of clients, employees, and partners
• Legal remuneration
• 100% demand for the product
• Instant receipt of funds
• Bank security of the Visa and MasterCard payment system
• Cashless payment, receipt of all necessary closing documents
• Activation of cards at the time of issue or within the required time limit

For the card recipient
• Instant receipt of rewards
• Money is the most popular, easily perceived and understandable method of promotion
• Payment for any purchases in any stores and establishments where bank cards are accepted for payment
• Can be used for online purchases
• Discounts and special offers for Visa and MasterCard cardholders

Better than store gift certificates-compare them yourself

Freedom of choiceAccepted in all stores that accept Bank cards for payment
Online paymentAlways
Hitting the targetMoney is a universal gift
Benefit for the buyerThere are store discounts and discounts under the Visa and MasterCard privileges Program
Legal securityActivities are regulated by Federal laws

Legally perfect work schedule
The state is increasingly paying attention to the company's expenses that reduce the tax base. We only work under an official contract that complies with Federal laws, which regulate the issue of universal prepaid cards. This allows you to protect Yourself from possible problems with any checks.

Individual selection of solutions for business tasks
We perceive each transaction with You as a project with a certain time frame and complexity. This allows us to find the optimal solution.

By presenting a virtual prepaid card you will solve the problem of choosing a gift for yourself and will be able to present exactly what the person wants. And now he won't even have to go to the store! Just start making online purchases. A huge selection of products in online stores will not leave anyone indifferent and everyone will find their own gift.

The prepaid card is suitable for all online payments on any websites.

Card details: PAN number (16 digits), expiration date and CVV2 security code (3 digits)

Features of prepaid virtual cards:
- No need to enter security code (vbv and mcsc). The code is not requested for payment.
-. The cards are unnamed. When paying, you can specify any name and any billing address.
- The cards are legal. You will have no problem using them. Stop buying stolen cards from other vendors!
- You cannot additionally top up the card balance!
- You can make several purchases before the balance is used up.
- The remaining balance on the card is not refundable!
- At the time of submission, the card is completely valid and ready for use.

Available balances and prices:
$ 100 - free
. Only 1 time to check! Provided for 1 account in 1 hand. The next request will cost $ 10.
$ 500 - $ 100. No prepayment required. You can pay me after a successful purchase!
$ 1000 - $ 200. No prepayment required. You can pay me after a successful purchase!

$ 1000 - the maximum nominal balance, we do not make a large amount.
I work through any proven guarantor escrow service.
You do not need to pay for the card in advance (provided without prepayment), you will receive it, and pay when you have successfully made your purchases!

Requirements for cooperation:
- Registration on the forum: at least 3 weeks
- Minimum number of messages: 50

How to get a card:
1. Send the desired balance in private messages ($ 100, $ 500, $ 1000. $ 100 can free for test 1 time).
2. Get the number and CVV in private messages.
3. Make purchases within 7 days after receiving.
4. Pay to my bitcoin wallet.

Successful work!
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