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bank logs cashout!! BANK LOGS CASHOUT!!


Dec 5, 2020
Hey guys this method worked for me and I'ld like to share

Get a mail access log, login and extract the owner details from profile. then get his SSN from Ssn24.me
After download Movo app, click on signup new account.. use log owner details also his address (if you use different movo will deny) so use all info of owner. after you open movo successfully. send $10+ to the movo from another movo or add with crypto/card. it will get activated
Then Go to Dashboard and find for digital banking, there you will see direct deposit. click on that. you will get account number and routing.
Now go back to your bank log. click on transfer. then choose add external account
there you will be asked for Account number and routing. fill your Movo details. since account name is same. it will get linked instantly. then make transfer to movo. in 2-3 days it will reflect on your movo account. you can send it to another movo or buy bitcoin with it
For this method you dont need Direct Deposit Logs, Any Log will work(Ach)

Now for bank logs with mail access comment u need and follow me so we deal....lots of proofs awaits

Goodluck buddies
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