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Dec 3, 2020
I've been collecting methods for many things for years. Here is my collection of methods I've found free online over the years. None of these have been leaked from paid ebooks. I will include links to the source where possible. All these are pretty standard, they are just to provide a good into to newbies.

General Delivery
US Only - USPS Only
Fake ID Required
In the US, you can send a package to a post office for "General Delivery".
Bob Smith
General Delivery
160 J ST (Post Office's Address)
FREMONT, CA 94536 (Post Office's Address)
The package will be delivered to the post office. You can then pick it up using an ID matching the name on the package.
If a site will ship to General Delivery if a hit or miss, you'll just have to experiment. (I know Amazon will deliver to general delivery).

Hotel Delivery
Likely Works Internationally - All couriers
Fake ID likely required
Many times, hotel guests need to receive packages. Call around to hotels and ask if the front desk could hold a package for you during your stay (make up any excuse you want, say you're in town for business and need supplies sent from the office). When tracking show's it as delivered, just go pick up the package at the front desk. Usually, you don't even need to rent a room.

Wrong Address Delivery
Likely Works Internationally - all couriers
No Fake ID needed, but it might help
Order a package to someone else's address. After it's been delivered, go ask for your package, say it got delivered to the wrong address (or say you mixed up the address). A variation would be to let them know ahead of time, and ask them to hold it for you.

Rent a House
All Carriers - Fake ID Required
Rent a cheap house/apartment. For one month, massively card items to the house. Once you're done, leave, stop paying rent, leave no trace.

Empty Houses
All Carriers - No Fake ID needed
This one is pretty standard. Ship to an empty house. If it needs a signature, do some yard work outside on the day it;s supposed to arrive (or just break in). You could also leave a note with the tracking number saying to leave it (with a signature).
Houses for sale work well.
Houses with families on vacation work well too.

Rent a Mailbox
Likely International - All Carriers
Fake ID Required
This is one of my own ideas. Many places offer private mailbox rental (UPS offers this service at some of their stores). They receive and sign for any packages you receive, and you can go in and pick them up (using a slip out of your own keyed mailbox. When using this method, massively card items to the box for 2-3 weeks. Then abandon the box and store. Pay in cash or with a prepaid, untraceable card.

Setup a Mailbox
Likely works international - USPS only in the US - Letters and Small packages only
No Fake ID needed
Find a trailer park where everyone sets up their own box on the road. Simply add a box to the end with a non-existant lot number shortly before you expect the letter. When using any of the methods above, all the rules of staying secure apply. Never do it in your home town. No fingerprints. No trace. When using a fake ID, use a picture that kinda looks like you, but not close enough that it could be used to identify you. Some methods require the ID to be scanned.
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