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    Follow These Steps For Hack WiFi Password Using MITM Method:- 1- Goto: https://github.com/wi-fi-analyzer/fluxion 2- After Downloading fluxion. Goto Downloads and extract Fluxion 3- Goto extracted directory where fluxion.sh is located and Run ./fluxion.sh Note- If all required files are updated...

    FBI warned COVID-19 researchers about threat from Chinese hackers

    Intelligence agencies urged organizations to provide a high level of intellectual property protection. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, together with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), has warned U.S. research organizations of Chinese cybercriminals who are...

    FIDO Announces New Security Standard for IoT Devices

    A new security standard for Internet of Things (IoT) devices has been developed by the FIDO Alliance. The open industry association said the move will help address the security, cost and complexity challenges involved in deploying IoT devices at scale, thereby unlocking the potential of IoT...

    Hacking with Netcat [Part 1]

    In part 1 of the Hacking with Netcat tutorials we have learned the very basics of Netcat. Now it is time to dive deeper into the most popular and common usage of Netcat: Setting up bind shells and reverse shells. In this tutorial we will be learning about the difference between a bind shell and...

    Evil-Winrm - The Ultimate WinRM Shell For Hacking/Pentesting

    The ultimate WinRM shell for hacking/pentesting. Description & Purpose This shell is the ultimate WinRM shell for hacking/pentesting. WinRM (Windows Remote Management) is the Microsoft implementation of WS-Management Protocol. A standard SOAP based protocol that allows hardware and operating...

    Google hack tricks you'v never saww before 1

    Ok today i will show google hack demostration you'v never seen before. You will never find these fucking google hack codes on internet. just watch and learn what i have discovered!!! I'm not a hacker but i know what i'm doing!!! Ok it's time to show the secrets. and this is the best google...

    How to Steal Steam accounts Bypass Guard + Video tutorial

    This Tutorial is if you have a victim on your RAT and you want to know how to steal there steam account. NO DOWNLOAD included! Hey guys just done abit of research about this steam guard stuff that stops most users from signing in with other peoples logins, this will only work if you have access...

    Zelos - A Comprehensive Binary Emulation Platform

    Zelos (Zeropoint Emulated Lightweight Operating System) is a python-based binary emulation platform. One use of zelos is to quickly assess the dynamic behavior of binaries via command-line or python scripts. All syscalls are emulated to isolate the target binary. Linux x86_64 (32- and 64-bit)...


    XSS can be used in 2 conditions. Sometimes there are forums that have particular fields that allow HTML posts.. Or a vulnerability in the search field. A vulnerable search field that allows html searches and uses $_GET function instead of $_POST Okay so.. lets talk about the Search field first...
  10. ALBERT


    Virus Spread Tutorial Hey all. This is my new tutorial about some of ways to spread your virus and get more logs from stealer,Botnet(s),RAT connections and much more. Tutorial is by me so if you post on some other websites,blogs,forums etc. please put credit on me, Om3n. (1.) First of all...
  11. ALBERT

    SLIV" Video course

    Description: It includes not one, but as many as 4 global areas of knowledge: hacking, hacking programs, reversing and programming. There are more than 400 video tutorials in one course and this is a record! This means that by selecting any of the four main themes, you will in any case get a...
  12. ALBERT

    VulnX v1.7 - An Intelligent Bot Auto Shell Injector

    Vulnx is An Intelligent Bot Auto Shell Injector that detects vulnerabilities in multiple types of Cms, fast cms detection, information gathering and vulnerability Scanning of the target like subdomains, IP addresses, country, org, timezone, region, and and more ... Instead of injecting each and...
  13. ALBERT

    RedGhost - Linux Post Exploitation Framework Designed To Gain Persistence And Reconnaissance And Leave No Trace

    Linux post exploitation framework designed to assist red teams in gaining persistence, reconnaissance and leaving no trace. Payloads Function to generate various encoded reverse shells in netcat, bash, python, php, ruby, perl Crontab Function to create cron job that downloads and runs payload...
  14. ALBERT

    Sliver - Implant Framework

    Sliver is a general purpose cross-platform implant framework that supports C2 over Mutual-TLS, HTTP(S), and DNS. Implants are dynamically compiled with unique X.509 certificates signed by a per-instance certificate authority generated when you first run the binary. The server, client, and...
  15. ALBERT

    Simplify - Generic Android Deobfuscator

    Simplify virtually executes an app to understand its behavior and then tries to optimize the code so that it behaves identically but is easier for a human to understand. Each optimization type is simple and generic, so it doesn't matter what the specific type of obfuscation is used. Before and...
  16. ALBERT

    GhostSquadHackers - Encrypt/Encode Your Javascript Code

    Encrypt/Encode your Javascript payloads/code. (Windows Scripting) This tool is meant to encode and encrypt your javascript code. Features Number Calculating ASCII codes Caeser-Encryption Hex Encoding Octal encoding Binary Encrypt Random Octal Quotes Add trash to code Url Encode current Extras...
  17. ALBERT

    BackBox Linux 6.0 - Ubuntu-based Linux Distribution Penetration Test

    BackBox Linux is a penetration testing and security assessment oriented Linux distribution providing a network and systems analysis toolkit. It includes some of the most commonly known/used security and analysis tools, aiming for a wide spread of goals, ranging from web application analysis to...
  18. ALBERT

    Ethical hacking: beginner guide to web application pentesting

    Descriptions Welcome to the basics of web application hacking where you will learn how to look for security flaws in web applications and how to execute them. We will cover the basics that any beginner should have, you will not have to write any code during this course and I created this course...
  19. ALBERT

    Airopy - Get Clients And Access Points

    Get clients and access points. With Alfa cards this script works correctly. Dependencies To run this script first install requirements as follows: sudo pip3 install requirements.txt How to use In the examples I don't add 'sudo', but to execute them you need high privileges. To get help: To get...
  20. ALBERT

    Evil-Winrm - The Ultimate WinRM Shell For Hacking/Pentesting

    The ultimate WinRM shell for hacking/pentesting. Description & Purpose This shell is the ultimate WinRM shell for hacking/pentesting. WinRM (Windows Remote Management) is the Microsoft implementation of WS-Management Protocol. A standard SOAP based protocol that allows hardware and operating...
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