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    Critical 'backdoor attack' warning issued for 60 million wordpress users

    According to WordPress, over 60 million people have chosen the software to power their websites. An ongoing "backdoor attack" is trying to compromise as many of them as possible. Here's what you need to know. What do WordPress website owners need to know? A website hacking campaign, that has...

    Phishing simulations in 5 easy steps — Free Phishing Training Kit

    Let’s face it. Phishing attacks aren’t just an obstacle for large, high-profile organizations anymore. They’re an unfortunate reality of doing business for all organizations of all sizes around the globe. Because many types of phishing attacks such as business email compromise (BEC) and email...

    No Two REvil Attacks Are the Same, Experts Warn

    According to a new report, no two criminal groups deploy the infamous REvil ransomware variant identically, adding to the challenge for those tasked with detecting and responding to such attacks. The new study from Sophos details the activity of the affiliates who license the malware itself and...

    How to Fix Cybergate Rat dll errors.

    So i found many people getting error when they start their server on slave PC or when a slave starts the server. i know that the server still works fine even after errors but the problem is that the slave gets aware about it and can unintall it or disinfect it. So to correct those error . here...

    ⚠️ How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Your Pc. ⚠️

    1. Click on Start and select Run; 2. Type: attrib g:*.* /d /s -h -r -s and hit Enter. ✅Method 2. -Cleanup Shortcut Virus with Shortcut Virus Remover or Anti-virus Software- If you need a double guarantee, you can download and install anti-virus software to clean up all shortcut virus from...
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