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Dec 5, 2020
Issue #1: Your card is bad
The main issue could be the card you try is either dead or has no available balance. Your source of cards must be really high validity. Many sellers on market sell bogus cards. You have to go for high-end ones. Always check the BIN country is matching with the sellers given (binlist.net). The site you card should be located in the same country as where your card was issued and also match with your IP. In my opinion the best autoshop for cards is *********.mn.

- Issue #2: Your IP is bad
You have to check if your IP has any open ports. If you have port 80 or 22 open, there is a high chance your carding will not be successful. You can check open ports on mxtoolbox.com. Also h you must be sure the IP is not a TOR exit node (whoer.net). Your IP's ISP should not contain the world datacenter or anything similar like that. Also you have to flush DNS settings in your profile before you switch proxies or connect to a new one.

- Issue #3: Your profile is bad
First of all your timezone should match with the cardholders and IP timezone. Do not ever install flash. It should me match exactly with minutes too. I recommend tools like Antidetect, but it is pretty useless if you are familiar with Virtualbox cloned copies and can manage to work on VM's. The VM's HTML5 canvas fingerprint can be recognized as you use the VM so I also recommend to use firefox extension called CanvasBlocker. If you carding in the same country geographically as your cardholder, it's better to get a burner phone (iOS recommended) and every time you turn on and off the mobile network you will have a fresh IP. You can use different browsers in different versions and get geographically close located BINs. Success rate is really high.

- Issue #4: Your email is bad
Disposable e-mails? C'mon. Fake address? No way. They can verify it with simple SMTP-MX lookup. Custom set up domain names? Useless, they an easily check the whois creation and modification date. Yahoo? They can check creation date. Gmail? Better. Do not use the same email address ever. I personally like to go with mail.com because they can not check creation and easy to connect on thunderbolt with POP3 and SMTP to constantly monitor them.

- Issue #5: Behavioral issues
Do not order very high value items from shops. Always match the average amount with the possible average amount of the shop you card. Do not try to make purchase with different cards from one account on one shop. If it failed, you move on. Stay below the radar. There is MUCH more info on this topic.

That's it in the first batch. I have about 50+ more issue you can make while you try to card. (Billing & Shipping info, browser/device fingerprint, carding techniques).
How do I know all this? I am a carder with 5+ year experience and carded over 1 Million $. I know the mechanism of all fraud prevention systems like maxmind.com, feedzai.com, siftscience.com, signifyd.com, kount.com etc. it's pretty easy to card if you know what to do.
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