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Dec 3, 2020
1.First purchase creditcard of these canisters with right charging. You need to purchase FULL CC with DOB + SSN

2 In the wake of purchasing creditcard use technitium macintosh address transformer to change ur Macintosh address... u can look for this product on google... this product changes ur mac\pc address and u need to utilize this product everytime u did checking.!!

3. In the wake of changing ur macintosh address.. utilize cc cleaner to clean treats and everything..

4. Presently conncet ip to same state , zip or city of the cc u buyed.

5. Subsequent to interfacing ip..Now open

firefox and go to settings.. protection settings..

There u will see clean treats physically.

6. Presently go to viewpoint .com make mail there.. subsequent to making mail.. go to westernunion.com..and make account there.. fill every one of the subtleties of the cc onwer.. all subtleties of cc onwer.

7. After u made record on wu..login into wu and pick start cash move choice.

Select nation Zambia or Anyplace you are shipping off..

90$ first sum since they drop if first time is high

Money pickup.

8. Next enter pickerer name here..exact name of the pickerer who will pick the cash.

9. After this enter card subtleties of the card u buyed carefully..!!

10. Do the cash move... on the off chance that u get the audit page ...implies the cc is live..and if u dont get the survey page implies card is dead 100%

11. Presently if u got the audit page and still the exchange is declined there can be 3 reasons..

Card is live however the exchange bolted by bank

Charging erroneous

Low equilibrium

12. On the off chance that u got ur cash on its way..hurray u checked wu successfuly.. go pick ur cash as quick as possible..!!
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