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Western Union Method


Dec 5, 2020

Western Union
Hello Friend!
Today I’ll tell you about Western Union and how to use it to realize the balance of Credit Cards you bought.
Western Union is one of the world's largest money transfer companies and of course, we can use it for our own selfish purposes. And by tradition, we will start from the beginning.
And so, what do we need to work with Western Union?
To begin with, we need a home RDP (it is convenient in that it does not require any configuration) or an anti-detector browser, for example Linkin Sphere + socks \ ssh. It seems to me that there is no need to remind that socks \ ssh should be clean and for the state of the card holder, but I will remind you - be sure to check them on fraud score and on whatleaks.com.
Next, we need to find a suitable Credit Card. The whole problem with working with Western Union is that you need those BINs that request DOB, SSN and MMN upon purchase. Of course, this data must be available. There are many services for finding this data.
DOB - date of birth
SSN - social security number
MMN - mother’s maiden name
If you have such bins - excellent, if not - then you will either have to buy them. If at the time of purchase it asks to confirm the data we need, it’s suitable. If a VBV or MSC check appears - not suitable.
Great, you bought RDP, found a suitable BIN, found cardholder data. Now you need to register mail in the name of the cardholder, and as I said in my previous articles, it is desirable that the mail was not with simple registration. Let's say GMAIL. We also need Google Voice for the state of the cardholder.
You can go to the most interesting.
We go to the site https://www.westernunion.com (US) https://www.westernunion.co.uk (UK) and register an account for an already created email and enter the data of the cardholder. Your phone must not be a credit card holder, but Google Voice

After successful registration, go to the translation page.
There are 2 transfer options - to a bank account or cash withdrawal at the Western Union branch, it all depends on your drop which will receive money. The payment method, in our case Credit / Debit Card.
Next, you need to fill in the data of the recipient - a drop that will take the cash, the amount and reason for the transfer. It is important that the amount and reason for the transfer are plausible, otherwise a transfer of $ 1,000 for flowers or for beer will not work corny.
And finally, the most exciting stage - we enter the data of our Credit Card.
And if successful, you will see a confirmation window and letter on your gmail with the transfer number.
In case of decline, you will see such a message.
There can be many reasons for decline, for example, the bank rejected the transaction or there is simply not enough money, in this case, you need to call the bank on behalf of the card holder and find out the reason and, if possible, unblock the payment.
And most importantly - do not forget about antifraud systems, a newly registered account and a browser without cookies usually arouse suspicion among such systems, so fill in cookies before sending money and do not touch the account for a while before the send.
Good luck and packs of franklin!
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