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Tesco Voucher Cashout [UK]


Dec 5, 2020
What you need:
uk mail and pass
a tesco account checker (v3ch4j.com)
and a brain.

1.Get your uk mail and pass and run through your checker

2. when you get a live with voucher balance it will look like this depending on what checker you use
Live | | [email protected] | | Points: 990 | Voucher: £620.50 || [CRE:581] | Checked on http://v3ch4j.com/tesco

3. now head to tesco.com or google tesco direct and login

4. now surf for an item you want and add to basket

5. go to checkout and change the delivery address and details

6. to complete checkout and pay select the vouchers in the ewallet box

7. Wait for items to be delivered
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