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Dec 5, 2020

This post is especially for those who is using Firefox 4. The Latest firefox 4 does not support for the IDM(internet download manager). It almost annoying users to download the default downloader. we can copy and add link in IDM. But it is boring one to copy and click the add url in IDM. So here is the simple trick to enable the IDM using another add on.

Computer Tricks Step 1:
Download this Add on from here:

install the add on.

Computer Tricks Step 2:
Now navigate to Tools->FlashGot->More Options

Tips step 3:
now you can see the Internet download manager is displayed in select list.

Just click the add button

Step 4:
That’s all you are done. If you want to download the file. Just right click on the link and select FlashGotLink

Step 5:
Now it will show the IDM download options.

That’s all enjoy..!!1

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