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Free hypebeast (gucci, supreme, adidas, balenciaga...) clothes


Dec 5, 2020
All you need for this is:
-A drop
-Boxing/fake boxing

So basically first i would like to explain what you will be doing. You will be "trading" hypebeast clothes with someone else by pretending you shipped the item but you can either box the person or tell him you shipped it but you didn't. Let's start.
1. I would firstly find an item that you like (for selling or to keep it for yourself)
2. Gather some pictures of a similar value item online. Not the pictures for advertising but like actual sales or people flexing with the. Just make sure the picture is not super popular and isn't easy to find online.
3. Find a hypebeast platform. You may know other platforms and you think they are better go ahead and use them but i kinda recommend BUMP since it is for sales and not recommended for trading but most people still trade and if the trade goes wrong it's not their fault so you should be good. But use a VPN
4. Find a guy that has your wanted item listed for sale/trade and message him like "Hey are you interested in my X item? It has higher value/more rare" or something like that.
5. If he agrees then just asks which one goes first or u ship together. If he wants you to ship first then you will have to box him with a package that has tracking number. When he asks for your address ofc give him your drop address.
6. He should ship his item than. You should get it
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