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[free]-[easy] premium minecraft acc. [easy]-[free]


Dec 5, 2020
Hey there, i'm sharing a SUPER EASY method to get infinite Premium MC accounts, it's free, it's simple, it's for you. - PS: It's 100% SAFE, i personally use this method.

How to ?

1. Download a cracked MC launcher for 1.8 or 1.9 and start the game with any username - Good Cracked launcher i use: Shiginima <-- click it

2. Join the server mcleaks.net in your multiplayer menu.

3. Go to this WEBSITE (CLICK ME )

4. Click on "#GET ACCOUNT TOKEN"

5. This should appear:

Just click on "copy command"

6. Now come back to Minecraft where you previously connected to mcleaks.net, andpaste the command you previsously copied in the chat bar, a message saying the token was Verified should appear.

7. Now you can join any server by tiping /connect [IP] in minecraft's chat bar. Exemple:/connect mc.hypixel.net

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