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Checking Credit Cards Cc Ckecker- #tutorial


Dec 5, 2020
Checking Credit Cards - #Tutorial

So many people ask me how to check cc's,many people are making threads and posting like ""CC CHECKER's",many people share sites to check cc....
ALL THAT is B******T.
There is no tool,no site,no program,no app idk what ever what can check credit card and is it valid,the only way to check it is pre-authorization trough payment system.
I will make few SAT (SImple as that) examples,so you don't have to get your mind stressed.

1.Check credit card trough Uber Application.
Make an account with CC owner details,use USA VPN or SOCKS and use some USA phone number (if you don't use you will get chargebacks in 60% cases).
-When you add Credit Card to Uber Application it automaticly makes pre-authorization trough their payment system and if there is money and if cc is valid you will be able to add it to uber.
If cc is not valid you will not be able to add cc to uber and you will get error like "Sorry,something went wrong..."

2.Check credit card trough Lyft Application.
-Same process.
3.Add credit card to Google Account on Phone
-Make account with cc owner details,use socks and add cc.

THE POINT IS - that you need to have some host that is connected to payment system which is able to make preauthorization,and that tools like cc checker and sites don't have.
Don't be stupid and fall for fake shit. That are all phising,backtracking programs.
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