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Bypass Paypal Otp Of Cracked Accounts


Dec 5, 2020
Make Sure u have ur Site ready to fuck it with Paypal, else it will cost to much time.

STEPS, if u make it exactly as I say all will work, just listen to the tutorial carefully~

1. Crack some Paypal Accounts.
2. Get the ones with balance (some checkers say the Balance of the Paypal Account or if it has an CC Attached.)
3. Look which Country and City the Account is from, if u got that ur good to go.

Lets say I cracked an France Paypal Account with $300 on it.

4. OPTIONAL (RECOMMENDED BUT NOT NEEDED STEP: Get a Virtual Machine from the exact same Country [OR CITY] for me its France, of the Paypal Account)
5. Change the Timezone, Keyboard Language, Browser Language, everything to the Country, for my example its france.
6. Get a good non blacklisted VPN for France, and socks5 for the City of the Paypal Account, lets say the Account is in Paris. Then get a Paris VPN and non blacklisted Paris Socks5
7. Set up the Socks first, then Connect to the VPN. Make sure everything is cleared on your Browser, LIKE ITS SOMETHING NEW
8. Open your Browser on Private Mode, open the paypal of your country (paypal.fr) for me or something like that.
9. Login with MANUAL Input, don't copy paste the email and password. Write them.
10. if ur logged in buy something fast as possible, before the owner sees and locks it
11. Profit and enjoy.

Method by Me, please post results and rate good.
I will upload more tutorials, u can request.
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