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Amazon Carding Tutorial By Approved


Dec 5, 2020
Step 1. Buy CC (for beginners, cc means credit card and in this context we mean buying stolen stolen credit cards from auto shops) Here is the website for valid cc ( findsome.ru and feshop you can use unicc also but they will ban alot of accounts so better you use findsome.ru and feshop and use only fresh non refundable bases for good results Some working bins 46616, 422307, 448848, 67522, 515405, 532235, 532249, 534833 )

Step 2, After buying a high qaulity cc, call the issuing bank to check the balance of the cc which also means the cc is live The number to call for Chase balance is +18004323117 and for Citibank +18009505114 and they only require the cc number and zipcode, just follow the automated voice prompt.

Step 3, Create 2 gmail accounts, one with the name o the cc you bought, one with a different name but both sharing the same last names, this is important. Example. If the name of the cc you bought is Thomas Evans, create the first email as [email protected] or something similar, then second email should be a random girls name example [email protected]

Step 4, buy an rdp from xdedic.io or uas-service.ru or altenatively use the cheaper socks5 which serves the same purpose luxsocks.su. When buying your rdp or socks5, make sure the proxy score is 0

Step 5, Fire up your rdp or socks 5 adn visit amazon.com. Sign up with all the details of the cc you bought. If the cc came with a phone number also add the phone number, it helps incase the order goes to manual verification, don’t worry amazon barely calls.

Step 6, play around on the amazon website, first time orders on amazon using a new account often go under a lot more scrutiny but from the second order it gets a little more relaxed so we are going to trick the system.
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