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Dec 5, 2020

How Aliexpress Fraud System Work

  • If your IP's country is different than the card country, CARD WILL NOT EVEN PROCESS. STRAIGHT DECLINE/REFUSE, and they ask for scan.
  • If your card is AVS enabled, and even if payment goes through your order status might be "under payment review", you will not receive order email confirmation until your order payment is verified, and status changes to "Awaiting Shipment." (Very unlikely to happen)
  • If payment success, and order status is "Awaiting Shipment", then you are good to go, success. Order will ship surely.
  • Choose bin wisely, Aliexpress is 3D for many countries, I will provide my BIN, but you are not restricted to use it only. You now know how Aliexpress works, use your brain and make your bin work!
  • Now let's jump to method, and proof.
  • You need to be on UK socks5, I prefer using socks5 for better anonymity, do not use VPN as they are mostly detected as proxy/VPN. Put on any clean UK IP.
  • We just need Clean UK IP, need not to match zip of card.
  • Create a new account, method works on new account. Aliexpress do not blacklist address, phone number or any such thing, so re use if required (Of course new email always)
  • Select your item, use bin 465858 (This is non VBV bin, will not work high amount). If you need high bin, you can dm me (I will give to selective people only, holding some special rank on ATN).
  • Aliexpress will process the payment, it will go on 3D page, if your card is live of bin 465858, the payment will be success!
  • Once payment success, go to your orders, and check order status. It will be "Awaiting Shipment".
  • Just wait now for shipment!!
Proof Image
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