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    Hacks 2 Russian Industrial Firms,

    Unknown has made Activity OpRussia a stride further by focusing on MashOil and RostProekt, which turned out to be goliaths in their particular ventures. The web-based hacktivist bunch Unknown has guaranteed liability regarding focusing on two Russian organizations taking a store of their...
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    Affiliate NB65 Breach State-Run Russian Broadcaster

    NB65 (Organization Regiment 65) is a programmer bunch connected with the Unknown hacktivist aggregate. The gathering professes to have penetrated the servers of Russian state-run TV and radio telecaster called the "All-Russia State TV and Radio Telecom Organization" (VGTRK). Unknown's Twitter...
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    Hits 3 Russian Entities, Leaks 400 GB Worth of Emails

    Mysterious has made Activity OpRussia a stride further by focusing on Aerogas, Woods, and Petrovsky Stronghold, which turned out to be monsters in their separate businesses. The web-based hacktivist aggregate Mysterious has hit three additional objectives in its continuous activity #OpRussia...
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    Hits Russian Ministry of Culture- Leaks 446GB

    The Mysterious hacktivists aggregate has designated the Russian Service of Culture and released 446 GB worth of information on the web. The cyberattack was done as a feature of the aggregate's continuous activity OpRussia against the country's intrusion of Ukraine. Unknown, as far as we might...
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    shut down thousands of Dark Web sites for hosting child porn

    Mysterious, as you might be aware, is an infamous gathering of hacktivists having impressions across the web including the Dull Web, where a wide range of criminal operations like kid sexual entertainment and medications managing are done cryptically. Unknown, as you might be aware, is a famous...
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    Blue Whale Challenge: Urges Teens to Quit Playing Suicide Game

    A gathering of hacktivists associated with the web-based hacktivist bunch Unknown is encouraging youngsters to stop partaking in a vile game called Blue Whale Challenge. Since last year, this game has acquired prominence in Russia and subsequently, 130 youngsters have allegedly ended it all...
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    Brazil Hacks Football Club for Hiring Goalkeeper Convicted of Murder

    The web-based hacktivist Unknown alongside its partners in Brazil hacked and ruined the authority site of Boa Esporte, a second division football club in the territory of Minas Gerais. The site was ruined not once yet two times where programmers left a damage page alongside a message making...
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    hacks ISIS website; infecting users with malware

    Amaq, the authority news office of ISIS or Daesh psychological oppressor bunch is illuminating its clients about a possible split the difference in the security of its site. As per them, the site has been hacked by Mysterious programmers and is presently contaminating a huge number of clients...
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    University College London hit by a major ransomware attack

    One of the world's driving instructive organization College School London (UCL) has gone under a monstrous ransomware assault. As indicated by reports, the assault impacted the college's IT framework including understudy the board framework and shared drives. The ransomware assault came a long...
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    hacks Russian TV channels & EV charging station with pro-Ukraine messages

    nonymous, the hacktivist aggregate isn't concealing its help for Ukraine over the continuous struggle with Russia. In a video message distributed Feb 27th, 2022, Unknown cautioned Russian President Vladimir Putin that there may be phenomenal cyberattacks focusing on his country's basic...
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    hacks & defaces Russian Space Research Institute Website

    While the Russian assault on Ukraine proceeds and the contention heightens, we have seen an unexpected flood in hacktivists sending off designated assaults against Russian framework. Last week Hackread.com distributed a point by point report on how Mysterious had hacked a few Russian State...
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    Hacker Claims Breach of FBI’s Webserver; Plone CMS Calls It a Hoax

    A programmer going by the internet based handle of "CyberZeist" has professed to have hacked the substance the board framework (CMS) of the authority site of Government Department of Examination (FBI), the standard examination organization of the US. The programmer claims he compromised the...
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    Hacks, Defaces Bilderberg Group Website Against World Crisis

    The web-based hacktivist bunch Mysterious alongside their partners from HackBack development have hacked and destroyed the authority site of The Bilderberg Gathering otherwise called Bilderberg Club, Bilderberg gatherings and Bilderberg meeting, a yearly confidential meeting of 120 to 150...
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    Thai Police Arrest 9 Suspects Behind Cyber Attacks on Gov’t Sites

    Keep going week HackRead covered the Thailand government passing a digital examination regulation that was being scrutinized by hacktivists since it was being drafted back in 2015. To dissent aginst the law Mysterious and its Thai partners have been directing a progression of digital assaults...
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    hacks Thai Navy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The web-based hacktivist Mysterious and their Thai partners have hacked into the servers of country's Service of International concerns (MFA), Thailand Worldwide Collaboration Organization (TICA) and Imperial Thai Naval force - hence openly releasing a store of individual and official...
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    Shut Down Thai Sites Against Internet Censorship, Surveillance Law

    The public authority of Thailand has been under the mallet of web dissident gatherings since the parliament endorsed a revision to the 2007 PC Assurance Regulation. There is solid disdain among activists in light of the fact that the Single Web Entryway undertaking will be carried out by the...
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    Hacks Milwaukee’s Charitable Bradley Foundation Network

    The Milwaukee-based altruistic establishment has been hacked by the famous programmer aggregate Unknown. The credit for this hack has been taken by renowned "Unknown Worldwide" bunch by Tweeting about it this Tuesday. Subsequent to posting on Twitter, the gathering delivered a letter that...
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    Ukraine Suffers Power Outage Possibly Due to Energy Plant Hack

    Seems as though programmers are never going to budge on providing Ukrainians with a brief look at stone age by continue to focus on nation's power area. In the most recent, Ukraine's public energy organization has turned into a survivor of what could be a monstrous digital assault. Ukrenergo...
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    Non-fungible token (NFT) collectibles

    Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Collectibles: Unlocking Digital Ownership By carding forums In recent years, a new phenomenon has taken the digital world by storm – non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These unique digital assets have gained immense popularity, revolutionizing the concept of ownership and...
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